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The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and the National Immunisation Safety Expert Committee have reassured the public that both the Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are safe to use.

If you've submitted your R350 grant application, you may be wondering just how soon you can expect to receive your first payment. 

If you missed your chance to apply for NSFAS funding in 2020, you now have another chance.

As we explain in our soft skills training course, “Business Skills for South African Women”, women bring something different to organisations. They’ve got multipurpose life and work experiences and through this offer more versatility than their male counterparts.

Applying for SASSA's R350 grant is the first step, but there are a few more steps you'll need to take in order to qualify every month. 

We have had report after report revealing disheartening information regarding job losses and economic downturns following the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Over 1.4 million jobs were lost in 2020, and only a fraction of this was expected to be recovered in 2021. Similar events have occurred on a global scale. Is there any good news? Read on and see how you should be pivoting your career, and adjusting expectations with regards to work and studies.

SASSA has been pleading with previous beneficiaries of the R350 grant to collect their payments before the end of the month. 

Cheyenne Ferndale is a model of perseverance whose motto might as well be, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, bang on that door until it opens’.

Now that applications for SASSA's R350 grant are open, millions have been rushing to apply on the application platforms. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)has released details about how it will help businesses affected by the looting incidents that took place in July. 

SASSA has received a record number of applications since opening applications for the new R350 grant. 

After announcing that South Africans will be able to withdraw their retirement funds, the National Treasury has left many wondering just how soon this will happen. 

South Africa has been rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine for 6 months and millions have been vaccinated to date. 

The Gauteng Education Department has opened applications for 2022 online school admissions. The admissions process will be done in two phases, with phase 1 being the first to open.  

Applications for the R350 grant are open, but before applying, you need to make sure you have the right information ready for SASSA. All applicants are required to provide their details, which are then uploaded onto SASSA's database.  

Today we salute DR. Deonita Damons, Director, PhD graduate, Leader, Team player, Boss, Friend, Colleague, Project Manager, Compliance Director:

SASSA has given a deadline to previous beneficiaries of the R350 grant who have not yet collected their payments. 

If your R350 grant application has been rejected, there's a way for you to get a second chance.

Despite concerted efforts to narrow the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, major inequalities persist. According to UNESCO, women account for a mere 28% of those pursuing STEM careers in Sub-Saharan Africa, below the global average of 30%.