The four day strategic planning session which is set to provide the basis for President Jacob Zuma?s State of the Nation Address has commenced and Cabinet has begun its mammoth task of developing the national agenda.

Biodiversity practioners are urgently needed to implement the adaptation strategies for sustainability and contribute to the solutions surrounding climate change. So why are graduates experiencing difficulties in entering green organisations when there is such a high demand for biodiversity skills?

Before rushing headlong into 2012, it is important to obtain an accurate assessment of the current BEE landscape. Gavin Levenstein reviews 2011 and the changes that have rewritten the way businesses co-ordinate their BEE operations.

As the ANC celebrates its 100 years of existence, the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality which primarily affect Africans, women and youth has been identified as the foremost concerns of the country according to President Jacob Zuma.

Xenophobia deters many South African employers from employing immigrants. However, many other employers do employ aliens without checking whether are in the country legally or illegally. Ivan Israelstam explains the risk to unwary employers.

This week Ivan Israelstam explains the importance of evidence. Whether for an internal disciplinary enquiry, or at a CCMA or bargaining council arbitration, the quality of the evidence presented to the disciplinary chair or a Commissioner is critical to prove the fairness of a dismissal.

2011 is the year global economies would rather forget: the Eurozone and the United States economies reeled from crisis to crisis, and while many businesses closed their doors for good this year in South Africa and unemployment is high, there is evidence of an upturn in retailing.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in November came out lower than market expectation, rising to 6.1% but inflation is expected to continue its upward trend in the coming months according to Nedbank economists.

More than any other population group black African children are most likely to be abandoned out of the three million orphaned children in South Africa, revealed a Stats SA report.

The African continent has been internationally recognised for its wealth in natural resources and African countries have been urged to take advantage of this potential by increasing inter-African trade and investment according to President Jacob Zuma.


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