Many employers are under the impression that an arbitrator's decision is final. It's true that there is no right of appeal against the decision, but the arbitrator's behaviour can be reviewed. Ivan Israelstam explains the circumstances for review.

Do you understand the implications the newly gazetted BBBEE ICT sector code will have on your business? Transcend Corporate Advisors offers HR professionals, senior executives and BEE champions the opportunity to get to grips with these changes.

Concerns over South Africa's $2billon contribution to the International Monetary Fund were laid to rest when the Presidency announced that the funds were not a gift but a loan.

South Africa must strengthen the industrial arm of its economy if it is to successfully weather the fallout from the ominous Eurozone crisis, says Trade and Industry Director-General Lionel October.

While there is still a long way to go before the development goals pursued by Africa are met, President Jacob Zuma is "satisfied' with the progress made at this year’s G20 meeting.

Employers are often heard complaining about labour law - but it becomes very tricky for employers when other legislation also has implications for the employment relationship. Here, the Criminal Law Amendment Act will affect certain employers - Ivan Israelstam explains.

Individuals and organisations around the world are preparing to devote at least 67 minutes doing good work in their own communities in honour of the 67 years Nelson Mandela gave in service and sacrifice.

At the G20 Summit in Cannes in November 2011, leaders agreed to increase the resources of the International Monetary Fund so it can serve as a backstop in the event of further deterioration in the Eurozone situation.

Breaking away from the official G20 summit, leaders of the BRICS nations convened to discuss the plight of these five emerging economies and have agreed to increase co-operation between the nations.

South Africa is the only African country participating in the meeting of the 20 most powerful leaders and will seek to remind the world about the continent?s development agenda.



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