Building capacity and leadership of professional trainers has been grossly neglected over the past decade, and unfortunately to the detriment of many sectoral training and development projects," writes Mark Orpen, CEO of the Institute of People Development. He proposes the Occupationally-directed ETD Practices (OD-ETDP) Diploma and Certificate as a means to ensure competent trainers.

Matrics who fail both their final exams in 2007 and supplementary exams in June 2008 will have to write the old Senior Certificate as private candidates or go to back school for three years and start again in Grade 10 under the new National Senior Certificate, says INTEC College, one of South Africa?s leading providers of distance learning.

It is not easy building a career which has to last for 20 to 30 years. But incidentally, much of your future depends on how well you prepare yourself now. And to give you an idea of how complicated this has become, practically nobody predicted 20 years ago that software engineering would become such a big employment generator; it all happened so fast!

The groundbreaking 153-page judgement handed down by the Constitutional Court in the matter of Sidumo vs Rustenburg Platimum will, undoubtedly, have an impact on one of the most contested terrains of the labour relations: dismissal. Bukani Mngoma explores the implications for presiding officers at disciplinary hearings.

"We can all easily agree that good, better, and the best knowledge for any particular task at hand is underpinned by educational systems which are also good, better, or (at best) excellent; what we do not talk about often enough is the kind of society in which knowledge and education are properly twinned and adequately valued by all," contends Dr Anita Craig.

"Equity Equivalency is a perfect foil against foreign companies threatening to pull out of South Africa and makes absolute sense from the perspective of the multi-national. It is however unfortunate that it serves to drive a wedge between local and International operators in South Africa," writes Services Seta CEO Ivor Blumenthal.

The process for the Massified Induction Programme (MIP) curriculum review and development of manuals for levels one to five and six to 12 is complete.

Labour laws are being portrayed as being one sided and all in favour of the employee.Balancing the rights and obligations of employers and employees.

The following tips can help to settle your nerves and have you performing at your very best. Make sure your exam timetable is correct. Make sure you take all the necessary stationery into the exam. Read on for some more tips.

Do not know if I should say "YES!" or "Oh no!"!!! We are an NPO organization in the process of accreditation with HWSETA. As everyone, who walked this road, will know, it is a long and painful process.



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