Growing skills shortages in the Oil and Gas sector in South Africa has forced businesses to import skilled professionals to fill the massive gaps created by locals. As a result unemployed South Africans are missing out on much needed job opportunities.

The official launching of the Dube Trade Port has highlighted the many positive developments in the airport city in the areas of agriculture and food security. According to President Jacob Zuma this progressive step would pave the way for high volumes of high quality produce in South Africa.

South Africa is joining the world in observing the 101st International Women's Day which is used to highlight the plight of rural woman and how they can be brought out of hunger and poverty.

SANAS and the DTI have issued a joint statement announcing that BEE Verification agencies would now be accredited to issue EME certificates from 1 March 2012. Econobee explains the reason for the sudden change and the implications for business.

The steel industry, one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the domestic economy welcomed the opening of the R1 billion metal coating facility in KwaZulu-Natal.The plant has already created 370 jobs, by employing people from the local community said Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.

In South Africa women make up 18% of the core IT workforce while they represent 75% of the IT end users. Despite an increase in female IT professionals Jeannine Jennings says the industry should focus on attracting even more women to its ranks.

President Jacob Zuma will unveil a state-of-the-art cargo terminal, a trade zone, an agrizone and associated property development all located at the Dube Trade Port in La Mercy, KwaZulu-Natal.

On March 8, women from around the world will observe the 101st International Women's Day - a day that celebrates women?s progress and at the same time highlights the inequalities they continue to face.

Deaf learners are often regarded as incompetent because of their hearing impairments but Maccauvlei Learning Academy proves that the deaf community have a lot to offer by bringing diversity to any environment.

Business Analysts will have an opportunity to share practical and organisational experiences during South Africa's first Business Analysis Conference. Interested professionals have been encouraged to submit abstracts for the conference.



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