President Thabo Mbeki has called on South Africans to value ubuntu, meaning a sense of community and humanity, over a culture of individualism, as envisioned by the Black Consciousness icon Steve Biko.

A response to a recent letter we ran on Employment Equity, arguing the other side of the story.

Entrepreneurs are a certain type of person, with passionate, energetic,
resourceful and "never give up? attitudes backing their zest. Do you think you
have what it takes to be SA?s own Richard Branson? Take our test to find out.

Do you have a love of cars, knack for management, and talent for sales? Well, a career in fleet management may be right up your alley. Fleet management will allow you to make informed decisions on the allocation of specific cars to users, fuel and tyre selection, vehicle licensing, registration and maintenance, as well as fleet costing.

Bruno Bruniquel identifies the way that unit standards are developed as a major flaw in our system. This stymies all efforts to improve quality standards. He has a radical proposal for drawing up unit standards which be believes will ensure they are produced quickly and professionally.

The significance of Corporate Governance is well recognised both nationally and internationally. Of late however, there appears to have been a lapse particularly in the area of ethical behaviour. Des Squire looks at what to look out for, as well as some ethical points to strive for in the implementation of your business strategies.

Debbie raises the question of what people regard as 'cool' jobs, and how these views affect demand for certain scarce skills.

The income of poor people has generally improved over the past few years, putting the country in good stead to meet its 2014 target of halving poverty.

Claudelle astutely notes that there is no obligation for business to engage with SDF's, as the SDF's carry no definable responsibility in the business' structure, and the effects of this apathy on the effectiveness of the system as a whole.

The Gauteng Youth Commission will showcase the potential of young disabled people by bringing them together for Youth Disability Day on Thursday June 28.



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