The status of the education, health and wellbeing of the young people in South Africa was recently brought to light when the NYDA published a document which addresses these and other pertinent youth issues.

South Africa?s upcoming Budget Speech needs to boost business confidence while at the same time, 2012 needs to be a year of implementation, says Business Unity South Africa (BUSA).

Information management is a critical part of corporate governance and the latest King III report is aimed at establishing guidelines for the management and protection of information, emphasising the link between IT and corporate governance.

Saving energy must become a universal aim and South Africans in particular have been called on to support Eskom in its quest to make a 10% savings on electricity. The Energy Conservation Scheme developed by the energy utility has been designed to reach this target.

FET colleges are designed to provide learning programmes that develop the skills needed in the South African economy, and post-matric students are being encouraged to explore this avenue of higher education. Des Squire talks about the purpose of FET colleges in a country wracked by skills shortages.

During a disciplinary hearing, the chairperson decides that some of the evidence will not be heard. Does the chairperson have a right to do this? Under what circumstances can the chairperson refuse to hear - or ignore - evidence? Ivan Israelstam explains ...

Do you know whether you can legally listen in to your employees' telephone calls - or read their emails? What can you do if you suspect that an employee is misusing your business equipment? Ivan Israelstam explains

The South African Constitution states that everyone is equal before the law and outlaws both direct and indirect discrimination. The Constitution also requires additional legislation to prevent or prohibit unfair discrimination. That is one of the purposes of the Employment Equity Act. Ivan Israelstam explains the difference between listed and unlisted grounds of unfair discrimination.

Government aims to increase access to information through the draft South African Languages Bill with the ultimate goal of improving access to services. The new bill will require that government departments use at least two languages to communicate with the public.

South Africans are encouraged to participate in the national budget for 2012 by sending suggestions to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on what should be included in the budget. This fiscal policy determines how government will spend its funds over the next three years.


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