The Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality has set up a new website where unemployed youth graduates can register to be linked to employment opportunities in the private and public sector and institutions of higher learning.

Low income earners in South Africa have the opportunity to invest in their future with their money guaranteed by Government through Retail Savings Bonds.

It is about time that we as South Africans - and Africans as such - realise that we are part of the global economy, where skills are being transferred frequently from one country to the next.Africans must immediately stop the mentality that everyone not of your specific culture and language, is seen as an alien and a threat

Since 2000 the National Sills Development Strategy has gathered R42 billion in skills development levies to be allocated for training projects. Yet there are only 98 education and training practices (ETD) professionals registered up to NQF level 5. A new initiative is attempting to address this shortage.

"In today’s competitive job market, companies are spending a great deal of time, resources and money in ensuring - screening, interviewing and selection processes deliver high-quality candidates that will produce desired results," writes Des Squire. He stresses the need for a process that allows employers to predict future job behaviour.

I am afraid to burst anyone’s bubble, however the seta’s are already doing toooo little. To have a course accredited involves far too much red tape.

We do not need to start again. We need to start at the top and systematically set NATIONAL standards to skill those SETAs in whose hands all aspects of provider evaluation, learning provision, and learner assessments rest.

The wage negotiation season in the collective bargaining calendar in South Africa is upon us. Unions are mobilising their members in preparation for this annual "tsunami' battles. Can we continue to promote the old adage that there is no war without casualties? - Or should we be working towards mediating issues of conflict without inflicting such pain?

Former President Nelson Mandela will turn 90 this year, and preparations are in full swing to mark this milestone.

The question is, could they not have done better for themselves if they had
been advised regarding less-known options which might lead to more long-term
careers/jobs? Would this not be a way to uplift communities and broaden the
skills base in South Africa?



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