The Department of Labour is currently conducting roadshows to provide information about two new labour law amendment bills: the Labour Relations Act Amendment Bill and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act Amendment Bill. Ivan Israelstam explains how he sees the implications.

Do you steal or waste time at work? Conducting yourself with integrity is about more than doing the right thing, it means doing the right thing when no-one is looking. Elmarie Pretorius talks about the importance of transparency and honesty in the workplace.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has been recognized for its improved performance after exceeding its revenue collection target for the financial year that ended on March 31.

Preparing for a disciplinary hearing? Do you know what rights employees have to prepare for the hearing? What does "reasonable time" mean? Ivan Israelstam provides some guidance.

Compensation may be ordered by arbitrators and judges when they find that employees have been given an unfair dismissal and when reinstatement is not appropriate. Ivan Israelstam explains how the compensation orders are calculated.

Many employees still refer to their "pay" or "wages"; very few employees or even employers, habitually use the term "remuneration". But it does have a legal meaning, with important consequences both for employers and employees. Ivan Israelstam explains.

Is it possible for an employee to be seen to be employed by more than one company? Can both companies be held jointly liable for a labour law transgression? Ivan Israelstam explains how these questions have been answered in two interesting cases.

It is worthwhile finding a verification agency that agrees with your interpretation. How do you choose the right one? Follow these guidelines provided by Econobee in order to select the agency that best suits your company.

City and Guilds announced the acquisition of the Assessment College Group as part of its continued international expansion. City and Guilds saw 48% growth in the South African educational market during 2011 and believes that vocational education has only just entered its rapid growth phase in South Africa.

As part of its plan to transform the maritime business sector which holds potential for economic activity and job creation, government has called for atleast 25 percent ownership by black people and women.



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