What should an employer do if they believe that a Commision for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) arbitrator has behaved inappropriately, or failed to take into account all aspects of the case, or otherwise misdirected themselves and come to an incorrect conclusion? Ivan Israelstam uses a number of cases to provide examples of how employers have taken up challenges to the the decisions of CCMA Commissioners in the Labour Court.  

Ivan Israelstam explains the implications for certain employers of the Criminal Law Amendment Act. This applies especially to those employers who employ persons who work with children or vulnerable adults, such as the mentally disabled. Criminal prosecution could result if the employer does not verify the status of the persons they employ - and employ persons who are listed as sex offenders.

After suffering from a recession, South Africa has now turned its fortunes around as its economy grew 1.1% year on year in the three months to June. This is good news for South Africans, as it could spell a period of greater prosperity and economic growth.

Christel House, a registered Non-Profit school for impoverished children based in Ottery, Cape Town, has been named the 2017 Best Progress Winner in the implementation of LAB-on-line, an online Mind Activation Solution, by Lectorsa!



An ecstatic Mrs Vietnam was crowned Mrs Universe in a glittering event at Durban’s Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC) last night (2 September 2017).

When Promise Machimane, 32, was retrenched from her bank job, she struggled to find employment for a number of years, a story that thousands of young people can relate to.

What is the procedure for an arbitration? Must I take my witnesses along with me? Must I take the evidence - the documents/video recordings along to the CCMA with me? This week Ivan Israelstam makes clear exactly how the CCMA Commissioner will run the arbitration.  The following questions are answered: who speaks first, what do the participants present, what is the role of the witnesses, and how is the evidence presented?  

Durban rolled out the red carpet and gave the world a taste of KwaZulu-Natal’s trademark warm hospitality as it officially welcomed international Mrs Universe contestants to our magnificent province.

This week Ivan Israelstam explains that labour law does allow an employer to dismiss an employee.  However, labour law expertise is required to ensure that the dismissal is both procedurally and substantively fair. Employers cannot simply to decide to dismiss an employee on the word of an external party - without following any internal procedures. 

Entrepreneurs, seasoned businesswomen, community champions, activists and advocates from around the world will unite in Durban next month for Mrs Universe 2017.

As the country celebrates Women's Month, Cabinet has acknowledged South Africa’s achievements in the field of women empowerment, following the country’s first democratic elections.

This week Ivan Israelstam explains why it is important for employers to understand the rights of pregnant women and the responsibilities of the employer. How should the employer deal with maternity leave? There is an entitlement for 4 months maternity leave and employees should not be pressured to take a shorter period of maternity leave. 


While South Africa continues to celebrate women for their contribution towards the country’s freedom and democracy, Africa’s first elected female Head of State is in the country on a State Visit.

President Jacob Zuma says recent incidents of violence against women have caused enormous pain and distress in the country.

Taking control, working women often think about it, but being brave enough to do it is a different story. Women’s Day has to be a good time to change all that.

Inge Lawrence from Bizmod says that irrespective of the steps that women around the globe have taken to eradicate the glass ceiling, many women still feel the need to prove themselves in the corporate environment.

Durban is to set to make a powerful global statement in August, Women’s Month, when women from around the world converge on the city in a unified stand against child abuse and gender-based violence.

Ivan Israelstam sub-titled this article: Sick employees can drive employers to drink. This week Ivan explains what the obligations are on employers when they have an employee who is ill.  The question is: what does "ill" mean? Employees who have become addicted to substances, or who have become disabled in some manner have certain rights, which the employer is obliged to uphold.  Ivan explains further ...

The biggest impact of the technological workplace revolution will be felt by women.

Women are still being treated unfairly at work and at home, even though the topic should have reached maturity by now.

West says that as a business school the GSB recognises that it has a key role to play not only in educating and empowering women but in creating opportunities and platforms for them to speak out and participate in vital conversations around growth and development. 

How does the dispute resolution system work in South Africa? New employers and new employees in the human resources, personnel, and industrial relations fields, as well as students will find the explanation by Ivan Israelstam this week very useful.   

“There is no way that we can be competitive as a nation without vigorously tackling the gross under-performance of our education and training system that is stealing so many children’s futures.

Jeppesen and the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association team up to launch 2017-18 Captain Jepp Challenge.

As a parent you want to ensure that your child makes good career decisions, but how do you do that without encroaching on their ambitions?


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