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Hiring new employees is never easy. As a human resources manager, you can get a lot of applicants and sifting through those CVs can take up an incredible amount of time. And, while some may be easy to throw out, you’ll probably get a lot of rather capable applicants. But you can’t interview everyone. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Unethical practices within the recruitment industry are unfortunately rife and can result in job-seekers being disappointed, demotivated and even exploited. In many cases, unethical behaviours are not illegal, but they do give the industry a bad reputation.

Greater diversity across the economy is not only a legislative goal, it’s a strategic imperative at South Africa businesses that realise a more representative staffing mix helps to improve corporate performance. Research supports the contention that greater diversity equals greater business success.

Dale Carnegie provides insights on what drives employee engagement and why it matters.

Online career portal Job Mail is reporting a record number of users and the majority of them are now accessing the site from their mobile devices.

The current economic turmoil in South Africa is likely to affect the already strained job market, and in a country with one of the highest unemployment rates globally, job seekers have the potential of becoming even more desperate in their pursuit of employment.

The war for top talent, across industries, is fiercer than ever before and - with access to company information and reviews available online - candidates who are the best-of-the-best in their field can easily eliminate a business from their list of potential employers for reasons which may not be on your radar.

Top brands globally understand and leverage the critical importance of attracting top talent to their workforces. According to the 2015 PwC 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 73% of CEOs say they worry about finding the right people to realize their business goals, up from 63% last year.

The 5.1 percent drop in the South African matric pass rate from 75.8 in 2014 to 70.7 percent in 2015 is likely to amplify the temptation among new jobseekers to lie about their qualifications while trying to break into an already tough job market.

EMPS, South Africa’s oldest, premier background screening company has just released Annual Screening Report Findings for 2015.

There has been an 11% increase in the demand for background screening services in South Africa and Africa over the last five years.

As another year draws to a close, many employers and hiring managers will look to take on graduates or school-leavers with no working experience to fill certain posts.

While the retail and hospitality industries are gearing up to hire more staff to cope with the increase in activity over the holiday season, they may be putting their businesses, clients and other employees at risk if they do not carry out criminal record checks on new hires.

Great challenges usually represent great opportunities, if you have the talent and time to work the transformation.

As businesses across the world recognise the importance of thoroughly vetting their employees, to avoid unexpected incidents down the line, many multinational companies see this requirement as a near impossible task when it comes to their African operations.

The high unemployment rate makes verifying work history extra important in the current marketplace.

Employees are a company’s most valuable assets, regardless of its size. However, if unsuitable or unscrupulous employees are hired, they can also be the biggest liability.

CV and qualification fraud has taken the South African spotlight recently - as high profile individuals have been publicly accused of lying about their academic achievements.

The significant increase in fraud and corruption in the South African business landscape has seen business leaders prioritise background screening services before committing to employment, contract and tender agreements.

The recruitment industry has received bad press in recent years due to some eyebrow-raising practices. But the next tier sector, that of high-level headhunting of SA’s C-Suite and top executive leaders, also has some introspection to do, an expert says.

Partnering with a recruitment agency should be a rewarding experience for a business. Your recruiter saves you time and delivers tangible value to your business through the quality of Candidates they source, labour market advice offered and insights.

Most employers can talk at length about how one wrong appointment hurt the company in no small way.

Failing to retain staff is a costly mistake as the impact of high employee turnover can have severe consequences on your business.

South African employers report conservative hiring intentions for the July-September time frame, with 11% of employers expecting to increase staffing levels, 5% anticipating a decrease and 81% forecasting no change.

Personality profiling or assessment tools facilitate a non-judgemental, respectful understanding of communication preferences and expectations.


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