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In the current economic climate where unemployment is high, employment application fraud is rampant. Job seekers are desperate and employers are being duped. Before hiring someone, training them and integrating them into your company, it is important to check the facts.

While large companies will often look to their Enterprise Resource Planning systems to assist with the recruiting process, they should be considering the benefits of using an dedicated application tracking system (ATS) instead.

Job seekers who use the CareerJunction website had the opportunity to vote for their favourite recruitment agency. The top three recruiters received an award for their contribution to the industry.

The unemployment scourge has made many people desperate and is prompting job
to lie about everything, from their level of education to the possession of a driver's
licence. One survey explores whether men or women are more prone to lying on their

Recruitment management is shifting gears to favour the quality over the quantity of
CVs received, as HR inboxes overflow with large numbers of applications that don't
meet the minimum criteria stated in the job advert.

A new e-Careers recruitment system has been launched by eThekwini Metro
Municipality to eliminate the stampedes and dangers usually associated with
recruitment processes.

Technology allows graduates to position themselves for employment opportunities
nationally and plays a major role in graduate recruitment. This mean
recruiters need a strategy that fits in with this new model of advertising and seeking

Employee turnover in the IT sector is generally high however there is debate about
whether money is still the primary factor in attracting and maintaining IT
professionals? Niteske Marshall MD of Network Recruitment shares her insights.

Do you really know your job applicant? As the economy comes under increased
pressure job seekers are becoming more desperate and resorting to ever more illegal
and dishonest means of obtaining employment.

Hiring the wrong CEO can potentially lead to the demise of the business. With such
high stakes organisations cannot afford to make a mistake. While there are no
guarantees, assessment centres can significantly limit the scope for errors to occur.

The number of job seekers actually relevant to a company?s specific vacancy
requirements is significantly smaller on general job boards and HR practitioners need to
looking beyond this recruitment tool to source high quality candidates.

Having a well-designed, sophisticated succession plan is one thing, but unless it is
effectively implemented, it becomes a fruitless exercise. Niteske Marshall, MD of
Network Recruitment talks about how to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Corporate HRs in South Africa have not embraced social recruiting via the Internet
with the same speed as their US colleagues, but are lighting the way for mobile in
solving the unique needs of the African market.

Only half of South African companies make use of online recruitment methods but
trends indicate that mobile recruitment is set to become one of the primary mediums
for HR professionals to reach new talent.

Some of the best recruitment agencies in 2012, as voted for by online job seekers, were announced at the Recruiter Awards ceremony hosted by CareerJunction. Here are the winners.

Recruitment and hiring is typically reserved for the start of the year but Jane Moors looks at recruitment from an HR perspective and offers some compelling reasons to take on new staff in December.

labour sourcing continues to be seen as a market for future growth by many industries. South Africa has seen vast fluctuations in the local employment sector. Successful operation in African countries requires local knowledge and dedicated involvement in local communities.

Social media profiles are increasingly being used as a recruitment tool by employers to learn more about job applicants. A trend that should make job seekers think twice before posting potentially damaging comments or images on social sites.

Steps on your path to a top job may include peer interviews, a technique used by employers to help find a good fit between the candidate and the company. Sandra Burmeister, CEO of the Landelahni Recruitment Group, provides a few tips.

The growth of the mobile technology space, and convergence with core business systems, has contributed significantly towards economic transformation. Human resource specialists say businesses must help position the worker effectively in order to benefit from a knowledge-based economy.

Fraudulent job applications are on the increase as desperation amongst the unemployed grows. But does it really pay to falsify documentation? Network Recruitment MD, Niteske Marshall sheds light on this dangerous practice.

Online learning enables immediate, automatic and interactive access to information which provides flexible options for the modern learner; however this freedom is being manipulated by operators claiming to provide legitimate qualifications.

More and more job applicants in the technology industry are being rejected on the basis of their social media profiles according to the 2012 annual technology market survey. This is a "true indicator of the digital reality we now live in" ,says Mads Christensen.

Experts in the credentials verification industry warn that documentation fraud is escalating; People are going to extremes to bypass security checks and mechanisms and employers need to be on their guard.

Companies have a definite role to play in putting people to work and relieving unemployment which has been identified as government?s top priority. Eliminating certification fraud is one way in which businesses con contribute to job creation.


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