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Most people who work for a boss dream of one day being the boss. Or at
least, being a boss, managing a team of people. But pure ambition without
self-knowledge can lead some to climb the ladder only to find out it?s against
the wrong wall.

The highest contingent workforce engagement was found in Hong Kong, the
United States and China. The Contingent Workforce Index measures and
tracks the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining contingent workforce
in 75 countries.

As blanket reports of an impending recession strike fear into the hearts of
South Africans, many still bruised from the global recession four years ago, a
glimmer of hope is emerging from an unlikely source - the executive search

Regardless of the region or sector companies are struggling to find the people
they need to succeed. How is that possible in a country filled with millions of
unemployed people?

The recruitment process still remains ageist with company boards opting for
established leaders of relatively advanced age, rather than bringing in
unproven new talent with decades of working life remaining.

People have differing views on the value of social media recruitment and the
secret is to ensure that as you engage with the different mediums you build a
large network of potential candidates.

So, you may be thinking that Social Media and specifically LinkedIn are
replacing Job Boards - are you? Kris Jarzebowski talks about the best ways to
recruit in the digital age.

An employment reference is more than just a few pleasant words about a
potential employee?s capabilities; it is an opportunity for potential employers
to gain insights into the person?s work ethic, character and values.

A new App designed and developed for employers, HR managers and
recruiters helps to quickly and effectively obtain real-time updates regarding
background screening requests.

Social media has the power to transform traditional recruitment practices.
With proper planning and preparation and a solid strategy on how to manage
ongoing engagement, there is nothing to fear.


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