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Find everything related to Human Resource right here on the Skills Portal. Human Resource (HR) can be defined as "the personnel of a business or organization, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities." We've also got the latest on Human Resource Management and ways to simply HR.

Many South African companies across industry sectors aim to become digitally transformed. To accomplish this, they need access to tools that help them adapt to this new dynamic. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a critical micro-service within an ecosystem of advanced solutions that can enable this, according to local IoT specialists Trinity IoT.

In this article, Ian McAlister turns the focus to how this integration will improve internal relationships while leveraging off partner strengths.

The Rustenburg Platinum finding and the Shoprite Checkers finding that I discussed in previous articles show that arbitrators and judges are ready to overturn dismissals of employees who have committed serious offences.

The social impact sector in South Africa and the rest of Africa is having a significant impact on gender transformation compared to other sectors, a leadership expert says.

As a result of Covid-19, employers need to re-look office culture, teamwork, and talent strategies to acknowledge both a shifting business landscape and changing employee expectations.

uFiling is a FREE online service that allows you to securely submit your UIF requests and pay your monthly UIF contributions. It allows employees and employers alike to complete and submit monthly UIF declarations and to securely pay UIF contributions without any hassles.

Where the employer fails to attend an arbitration hearing the arbitrator is entitled to continue without the employer unless the arbitrator is aware of an acceptable reason for the employer’s absence. As the arbitrator has little or no way of testing the truth of the employee’s evidence he/she will most often accept the employee’s version and find against the absent employer. This is called a default judgement.

As organisation leaders get to grips with another challenging year, it is important to create nurturing and supportive environments to achieve long-term success and resilience. 

Whether the dismissal of an employee who accused a fellow employee of racism and threatened and intimidated her was substantively and procedurally fair.

The law is clear about how pension pay-outs are handled, and the circumstances that can prevent them.

Even though anybody can set up Google Ads, less than 10 percent of internet users click on paid ads. This means that the novice has virtually no chance of driving a campaign successfully beyond the initial setup. Experts spend countless hours embedding themselves in the world of knowledge, trends, analytics, and keywords that make Google Ads a powerful brand engagement tool.

Poverty and unemployment, gangsterism and high crime, gender-based violence as well as domestic and substance abuse are all rife in communities across South Africa. These long-standing issues have been worsened by more than two years of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Dishonesty has traditionally been seen as a serious offence and one that could render an employment relationship intolerable. This is because dishonesty damages the ability of the employer to trust the employee. 

Loss and grief have impacted everyone over the past two years, and companies need to provide leadership and understanding

On 22 October 2021, a notice was published in the Government Gazette in terms of section 6A(b) of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993 (COIDA).

Historically, the law profession has been reluctant to adopt new technologies, but this is fast changing as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning transform the profession.

As we slowly emerge from a Covid-induced hiatus, travellers with itchy feet are looking forward to their long-awaited, eagerly anticipated trips. Now that there’s less reliance on Zoom with more face-to-face business engagements on the cards, coupled with a resurgence in leisure trips, those in the travel and tourism industry can finally rub their hands in glee.

When an employer contemplates retrenching employees it is required by the Labour Relations Act (LRA) to first consult about this prospect before making any decision to retrench. Where the relevant employees belong to a trade union the employer is required to consult with that union on a number of issues, the most important of which is any means of avoiding job losses.