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In today’s highly competitive job market, the hard work of finding and landing one’s dream job can often lead to disappointment and despondency

Expressing and receiving gratitude in the workplace makes people feel happier, fulfilled, cooperative and motivated, and ManpowerGroup South Africa’s managing director, Lyndy van den Barselaar, believes that it goes as far as to impact the bottom line.

Managers and team leaders can play a crucial role in helping employees manage workplace stress, which will lead to stronger teams and greater productivity, an expert says.

With the sea-change that has taken place in the world of work and in higher education in recent years, employers and recruiters should take the time to review their selection criteria to ensure they land the best talent for their needs, an expert says.

Millennials are not known for getting a positive report card in the workplace. While they are portrayed as being confident, innovative, adaptive and technological savvy, Millennials are also apparently “tough to manage”.

Millennials are not known for getting a positive report card in the workplace. While they are portrayed as being confident, innovative, adaptive and technologically savvy, Millennials are also apparently “tough to manage”.

South Africa’s unemployment rate eased to 26.7% in the fourth quarter of 2017, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) announced on Tuesday.

Offices don’t just have an aesthetic impact on us: we are also influenced by how we sense sound, touch and smell at work.

Monday has a reputation problem. Even if you absolutely love your career, making the transition from your own weekend schedule to getting up early and commuting back to the office can sometimes feel like a chore.

2017 marked the largest growth in co-working spaces around the world, as well as number of people using those spaces.

You’re in a job interview and it’s going well, and then you get asked the final question: What sets you apart from other candidates? Why should we hire you over others?

The New Year started and the first order of business, the deadline to hand in your proposed skills plan for 2018, marked in red on your calendar.

Every company should have a defined, fixed and strong culture that runs throughout every department and interaction with the brand.

Like it or not, our radical workforce is becoming more digitally focused, more diverse, tech-savvy and is social media experts.

Nine to five and five days a week – the true adult’s habitat is one of deadlines, a chair on wheels and courteous office greetings.

Remote work is a global, growing phenomenon that only seems to be gaining in acceptance but there are many misconceptions about it from thinking it’s a way of skiving off or that it leads to employee disengagement.

Fathers can look forward to more time with their newborns following the passing of the Labour Laws Amendment Bill on Tuesday by the National Assembly, set to give dads more paid paternity leave.

With a saturated job market, and experience being a major employment requirement, more job-seekers are taking on low-paying – and often unpaid – internships for short periods to gain on-the-job knowledge to boost their CVs.

The corporate world embraces diversity and inclusion. Countless mission statements say so. Building a diverse organisation is supposedly a strategic imperative.

As the end of the year is fast approaching, many employees will find themselves feeling fatigued. 

Reputations have been ruined on social media. Recently there has been an upsurge in the number of businesses, educational institutions, government officials and private citizens who have discovered

The real leaders in a team are not the ones with the title. In this article we explore the ways that you can identify who has the potential to be a leader in your team.

If you thought an interview was all about trying to strategically answer a bunch of questions that will possibly get you into the next phase of the interview process, then think again.

A mere 5% of people with disabilities have a matric according to Progression’s statistics. In addition, persons with disabilities make up less than 1% of the reported workforce. It is estimated that around 95% of persons with disabilities are unemployed.

Debt is one of the biggest healthcare risks to SA’s workforce and it puts company performance at risk.



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