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You might think that employee screening is something that can only happen before employment. Kirsten Halcrow explains that a high percentage of long-standing employees are implicated in serious fraud. She proposes post-employment screening as a tool for employers to quantify and manage their risk.

Students from the UCT Graduate School of Business will be continuing a tradition at the school - holding a one-day diversity conference just before Women?s Day. This year delegates will have the opportunity to get a first hand account from inspiring leaders on issues facing women in the workplace.

The Women in Management forum has heard that most people charged with bringing about gender transformation in the public sector have been appointed at very low levels. A call has been made for these individuals to be given the authority they need to perform their work.

With current high absenteeism rates and HIV/Aids impacting more on the workforce, many local companies have realized that more focus should be placed on the implementation of employee wellness programmes. Brenda Cheshire explains that Blazing Moon Corporate Training has launched a programme that offers a new approach to EAP.

South African women from all walks of life will meet in the Free State next month to launch the Progressive Women's Movement. The network, aimed at uniting the country?s women in diversity, the initiative follows a call by President Thabo Mbeki earlier this year to use 2006 to work towards a South African women?s social movement.

Bogus trade unions and employer organisations official records at the Department of Labour show that many unions and employer organisations are not in good standing as far as registration procedures and legal requirements expected from bona fide organisations are concerned.

Leading law firms are noticing that up to 60% of their candidate attorneys are female - a trend that mirrors international findings that more women are taking up legal studies. "This a much higher number than what we?ve been used to in what has always been seen as male- dominated profession," says David Lancaster from Webber Wentzel Bowens.

Human Resources Practitioners will have a unique opportunity to harness valuable personal insight while sharpening their practical HR skills on a brand new programme launching at the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB).

In the current employment market companies need to adopt efficient decision-making processes if they want to nab high-flying employees - especially when sourcing "hard to find? candidates. "I?ve found that a surprising number of companies use drawn-out hiring procedures, especially when recruiting top-tier executives, which often results in them losing out on the best talent." says Debbie Goodman.

Employment creation and poverty eradication could not be exclusively limited to the labour market and therefore deserve dedicated attention and intervention by all stakeholders, Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has said at the resumption of the roundtable discussions on possible changes to labour legislation.

Governments and civil society organisations of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland will assemble in Johannesburg in July to focus their efforts on combating child labour in the region.

Human resource practitioners in the Department of Public Service met recently in Port Elizabeth to discuss the many new initiatives that the Department is running to strengthen the human resource function.

The old mantra of keeping your personal problems personal is no longer valid in the modern workplace, According to GIMT Manager Ashleigh Cooper. She explains that management increasingly realise that our personal lives impact on our work, and ignoring this impact is not the most effective solution.

The lack of proper retention strategies is damaging SA companies dearly as replacing key staff is disruptive, expensive, time consuming and may even threaten the sustainability of an organization.

A 'smart leader' is so much more than just an intelligent one, says GIMT Academic quality director Wikus van Vuuren. They also possess more than emotional, spiritual and physical intelligence than their counterparts.

The Home Affairs Minister will use her discretion in extending the duration of the Intra-Company Transfer Permit for skilled immigrants seeking to work in South Africa.

As efforts to turn around the fortunes of Denel unravel, the parastatal has announced a series of measures it is putting in place to cushion the impact of possible job losses on its employees.

In today?s highly competitive job market, many recruiters are damaging their clients? brands and turning off candidates by their poor management of the hiring process says Adcorp CEO Hilton Brown.

The corporate world may be letting younger blood through the revolving doors but SA?s large corporates continue to choose relatively older, more experienced employees to fill their top jobs, especially those at Executive Committee level.

With the right attitude and right energy levels, you can achieve almost anything, with or without the full range of skills. A person with the requisite skills, a negative attitude, bad demeanour and low energy can scupper any organisation, says Tony Dovale. But how do you ensure you have the first group in your company?

Many employees are now wanting and expecting to be fast tracked into top positions without paying the necessary "school fees’ - and if they don't get them they start looking for greener pastures. Sound familiar?

"Employment equity is not about to be scrapped and it is time we live with that fact,' says Minister of Labour Membathisi Mdladlana, speaking ahead of a judgement in the Durban Labour Court on two KZN companies believed to have flouted the Employment Equity Act.

The shortage of social workers in South Africa threatens the well-being of society according to presenters at a recent conference, with 16 000 social workers needed and only 300 graduating from universities each year.

A new recruitment model that is widely used in the UK and Europe is being rolled out in South Africa and will dramatically cut the costs of recruitment.

With Jipsa, the Joint Initiative for Priority Skills Acquisition, the major focus of attempts to stimulate the economy, people skills are now in the spotlight. What challenges does this new programme pose for the human resource department? Our commentator shares some views.


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