Human Resource

Employment equity plans and reports are not documents that are simply drawn up by management. The Employment Equity Act requires that designated employers establish committees and consult with employees. We explore the issues that these committees should be involved with.

The Department of Labour has started inspections to ensure compliance with Employment Equity legislation by designated employers. Your company could be a designated employer either by having more than 50 employees or by having a turnover considered above the limit for SMEs in your sector. If you are a designated employer for the first time we've outlined the first steps to take to ensure compliance.

Changes in the nature of business in the last decade have placed new demands on Human Resource Practitioners. New research points to personal credibility as the key competency for HR people in this new era.

The American FBI's most wanted may be a top 10, but Home Affairs recently-released list of South Africa's most wanted includes 56 occupations and skills where foreigners will now get easier access to South Africa.

Discussions on employment equity and affirmative action often end without agreement - even about the terms being used. A new work by Professor Harish Jain provides some valuable guidance on dealing with these issues.



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