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Today’s uncertain market and workplace dynamics mean that employers, and their employees, have to be prepared for change.

Legal director of Strata-g Labour Solutions, Advocate Tertius Wessels has cautioned that despite the Constitutional Court ruling on Temporary Employment Services 



The other day we had a discussion in the office about ‘me-time’ and staff wellness in terms of the workplace. We talked about how rushed, stressed and demanding life is in general, and especially in the work environment. Another issue that came up was the high staff turn-over some companies have because of this. 

Despite years of progress and an increased awareness surrounding gender equity in the workplace and society in general, women bare a disproportionate responsibility when it comes to childcare.

Making a living has its upside. It can be rewarding in that it builds assertiveness and confidence and helps employees build new skills.

Eradicating the gender pay gap will make a significant contribution to transformation of the South African economy by improving workplace equality and alleviating poverty and financial vulnerability that particularly affects women 


Robot workers replacing human jobs – the debate of the decade. In reality, the opposite looks true.

Last month the Department of Labour (DOL) released a media brief noting that the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) has requested that the DOL investigate the growing practice of deliberate circumvention of labour laws amongst employers.

Companies must ensure their human resource (HR) policies and procedures reflect South Africa’s multi-cultural society, especially when it comes to the religious beliefs of their employees

Technology permeates every aspect of business today. Even the more traditional people-centric processes of human resources (HR) and payroll have benefited from automation, machine-learning, and the like.

It’s been proven that industry leaders who invest in new technology and innovation achieve better productivity and return on investment. 

South Africa has a jobs crisis. In the fourth quarter of 2018, 6.14 million people were out of work, an unemployment <a href="">rate of 27.1%</a>, which is one of the highest rates in the world

Many people think that if only they worked for a cooler company, had a different job or made more money they would then be happy at work. 

For some organisations, the act of screening potential hires is not a necessity. 

Why do some employees fail to deliver in their job roles? Is it laziness, insolence or ignorance?

Social media is awash with pictures of proud graduates, degree in hand and ready to embark on the next stage in their lives

Given the amount of time employees spend at the office, the work environment needs to offer more personal health, wellness, and lifestyle support than ever.

There is truth in the saying “you can bring the donkey to the river, but you cannot force the donkey to drink”. 

The Workplace Challenge Programme (WCP) has contributed to the retention of 500 000 jobs.

When researching the benefits that having an engaged workforce can bring to an organisation, more often than not, the same two factors on how to improve this keep arising, these being collaboration and gamification.

Imagine this scenario: Margaret comes into work on Monday, and within an hour, she chats with an online bot to help answer her health insurance questions, uses the speech-to-text function on her mobile phone to send an email to a co-worker and remotely adjusts the thermostat in her office while sitting in a chilly meeting room. 

Human Resources (HR) directors and talent management teams have an integral role to play in helping to lead the digital businesses of today.

How do we get engagement? How do we motivate our staff?  How do we get staff to stay?

Do your employees struggle to express themselves and deal with conflict situations effectively? Is it difficult to have those specific (and challenging) conversations? Does achieving team cohesion in your company feel like a pipe dream? 

In line with global trends, South African companies are increasingly offering remote work options to prospective employees.


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