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As a priority element of B-BBEE, skills development done properly is worth 25 points on the scorecard and its effects on the economy profound and lasting. So, how do you go about identifying the people most likely to benefit from your time, efforts and costs?

The Employment Equity Amendment Bill (Bill), 2018 amends specific provisions of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 (EEA). 



For years, employers and employees alike have understood that an employer cannot make unilateral changes to contracts of employment. 

The scope of integrity testing as a pre-employment assessment tool reaches far beyond ascertaining a candidates propensity to lie, steal or “wheel and deal”.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997 (BCEA) presently entitles a female employee to at least four consecutive months of maternity leave.

Employees today are more loyal to their profession than to the organisation they work for and are prepared to take ownership of their careers and development. 

When getting a new job, many people simply sign on the dotted line. Often not enough attention is paid to the risk benefits part of the employment contract. However, if you do not have someone to give you guidance and advice, you may miss important details and as a result leave yourself vulnerable to being underinsured.

You might have thought that applying for a personal loan was the only reason for a company to cast its razor-sharp eyes over your credit history.

My very good friend, Google, tells me that there are 44 800 000 articles on the importance of recognition in the workplace. 

The singing of struggle songs in the workplace, depending on the meaning of the words and the context in which it is sung, may not constitute racism. 

“Everything you want is because you think you will feel happier if you had it. So why don’t you go straight to feeling happy by just laughing more because laughter instantly makes you happy.” ~ Bronwyn Kilroe

Disgruntled employees usually give poor service, and thereby damage the company’s reputation. T

Did you know that on average it costs 30% of an annual salary in South Africa to replace an entry level person?

In South Africa, stringent Labour Laws have created somewhat of a minefield for employers to navigate when it comes to disciplinary procedures. 

While many leaders fail to hit the mark for many reasons, one factor is often overlooked. Many do not get the onboarding support they need to assimilate to the new role, such as working with a coach.

It is trite law that employees may resign from his employment, either with immediate effect or on notice, thereby unilaterally terminating the employment relationship

The first 48 hours after an employee is let go is the make-or-break time for any outplacement program and often directly ties back to the success of that individual’s subsequent job search efforts. 

The constitutional court has recently – for all practical purposes, legalised the private use of cannabis. What the Constitutional Court confirmed is that citizens have the right to cultivate, possess and use cannabis in private.

After exhibiting two consecutive quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, South Africa’s economy has slipped into a technical recession

It’s been called the new cancer and it’s killing us. Sitting all day hunched forward looking at a screen causes a laundry list of horrific health problems from heart and brain damage to back, hip and neck problems - so what can be done? 

The growing skills gap and rising cost of labour in emerging markets is forcing organisations to look to new avenues for finding and retaining the necessary talent.

The employment equity and work opportunity targets for people with disabilities should increase to at least seven per cent by 2030 according to the Department of Social Development’s White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Every company has a personality – what they like to call their “company culture”. This culture consists of their company mission, values, office environment, expectations and, of course, its people. It’s a set of shared ideas of every member of the company in which new employees are adopted and considered a “great fit” for the company beyond their qualifications and skills. 

A new study reveals fears that skills will outdate and that a growing need for lifelong learning is the solution. 

An employee can be dismissed for refusing to obey instructions if such instructions are fair and lawful and the refusal constitutes gross insubordination. 


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