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Time is of the essence when dealing with labour disputes and litigants should be mindful that they need to treat these disputes with urgency.

As most professionals gear up to conclude the year with hopes of returning back to the office refuelled, now is also the time to prepare for inevitable change and challenges that come with entering a new year.

With increasing competition in attracting and retaining top talent presenting a significant challenge to businesses across industries, new innovative solutions in identifying candidates who are the ‘right fit’ for vacant positions have peaked the interest of the recruitment sector.

Corporate healthcare benefits are always a hot topic of debate around the water cooler. If companies don’t offer healthcare they’re severely criticised and if they do it’s often considered not comprehensive enough.

Despite the well worn office mantra of group work being central to success, businesses often struggle to offer effective collaborative spaces according to Inspiration Office, an Africa-wide office space and furniture consultancy.

New national minimum wage gets closer to implementation with release of Nedlac report.

As the holiday or ‘silly season’ approaches, it becomes even more important for employers and management to keep an eye on motivation and productivity levels within their organisations, as employees can sometimes find it hard to focus during this time, owing to the excitement of the holiday season but also owing to fatigue and burn out.

Are you about to sign an employment contract? Congratulations, but before you sign, read through your contract first.

The stress ball apparatus is no longer working for you this time of year. You see everyone getting into the season’s mood and you are thinking “how am I going to wrap up everything so that I don’t have to stress over the holidays?”.

Despite significant progress being made over the past 15 years, the HIV/Aids epidemic and the associated tuberculosis epidemic continue to have a profound impact on workers.

With about half of the world’s fastest growing countries based in Africa, the continent is quickly becoming a global business and economic hotspot.

Decades have now distanced businesses from the idea that their access to labour and investment in machinery would give them the competitive edge.

It is no secret that South Africa, like many others, is fighting a war for talent. With global competition intensifying, local companies simply cannot afford to lose top talent to their overseas competitors.

One of the most important ongoing tasks you’ll have as a business leader is hiring, and it’s not easy.

People are working longer and in countries like South Africa with an ongoing skills shortage, workers with years of experience have invaluable knowledge to share at the workplace.

South Africa’s Domestic Worker Sector will receive a new upwardly adjusted minimum wage with effect from 1 December 2016.

Coaching in the workplace is not dissimilar to coaching on the sports field. In their essence, they both exist to enhance individual or team performance.

Background screening is essential as South Africa continues down the slippery slope to corruption.

Background checks are arguably one of the most essential steps in human resource management and staff recruitment today.

While progress and strides have certainly been made when it comes to workplace equality, many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees are still anxious about revealing their sexuality at work.

Businesses have incredible power to influence the communities in which they operate and society as a whole, and should use this power to assist in creating awareness around important social and socio-economic issues, such as the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

With the rapid onset of technology speeding our lives up considerably, the modern workplace is becoming more and more demanding.

“If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”; wise words from Red Adair, an American oil well fire fighter.

Every business has a top employee (a few if you’re lucky). This is the kind of person who works harder than anybody else and never fails to produce quality work.

Huawei snatches both international and local brand excellence. This comes after the global ICT leader rose on Interbrand’s 2016 Best Global Brands list in the same month.


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