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Suggesting flexible working hours to alleviate traffic congestion as suggested by City Officials could have a serious impact on employees and company productivity says Professor Anita Bosch, associate professor at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB).

If you've recently landed a new job you may be eager to start earning a salary but before you sign your employment contract make sure you understand the implications.

Given the growth in Africa, employers are regularly seconding their employees to businesses in other jurisdictions.

As businesses continue to introduce new digital tools and services within their organisations, for the benefit of both customers as well as employees, they are faced with a host of new opportunities and challenges. Among the challenges is the need to effectively educate, manage, and empower employees as they work through transitions and become accustomed to the changing workplace and business landscape. 

Social media is an ever-evolving channel, which has taken the world by storm over the last decade. 

The 17th Annual Report of the Commission for Employment Equity indicates 68.5% of top management positions at South African companies are still occupied by white South Africans.

Breaking up is never easy to do – especially when it’s a professional relationship. Yet understanding the reasons why employees resign is one of the most valuable tools in an organisation’s arsenal.

Retrenchment being a process and not an event, may play itself out over a long period of time, and affect an individual’s emotional well being. 

With a steady year-on-year increase in organisations choosing to screen existing and potential employees, job-seekers who are planning to lie about – or omit – information regarding their qualifications or criminal history in an upcoming job interview will most likely find themselves exposed, unemployed and stuck with a bad reputation.


Today's workforce is more knowledgeable, diverse, and empowered than ever. This also means that there is more pressure on employees and job seekers to constantly be learning, up-skilling and challenging themselves.

Financial demands, career ambitions and family responsibilities are some of the issues at war within the modern working woman. Yet women want to have it all.

The world over, savvy businesses are rapidly moving beyond shared desks to flexible workspaces, which is having a profound effect on job satisfaction and staff turnover.

The digital workplace is where people, processes, technology, and the company converge to improve business productivity and employee engagement.

Whether you are considering a career in coaching or need someone to guide you this article will help you understand the purpose and function of an executive coach.

South African employers are not only heeding legislation that governs the treatment of employees with disabilities, but are also taking advantage of skills development related tax rebates and the advantages of learnerships designed to boost HR capacity.

A mature and responsible relationship between humans and technology will bridge the digital skills divide, guiding people from digital refugees to digital citizens.

Hiring the perfect employee can be a tiring task. You have to go through an excessive amount of CVs and hardly any of them are actually worth your consideration.

Hiring new staff members is never easy. You have to sift through an excessive amount of CVs, just to find a few decent candidates. And then the interview process starts and you have to weed out the bad seeds through a series of meetings. Finally, you pick a hire and hope you’ve made the right choice.

While many young South Africans are victims to bullying at school, the phenomenon is not limited to the playground, with many lives and careers damaged annually by bullies in the workplace.

The 2017 Employee Health and Wellness Conference was held in Sunninghill end February, and a common thread resonated through the proceedings. The need to approach health and wellness in a new way.

Despite significant strides in achieving gender equality in the workplace in recent decades, women remain underrepresented in leadership roles – and the reasons are more complex than simply navigating a patriarchal workspace, a new survey reveals.

Diversity and career progression are, amongst others, important to women in the workplace.

Savvy businesses are rapidly moving beyond shared desks to flexible workspaces, which is having a profound effect on job satisfaction and staff turnover.

The modern work space can be fragile. There’s so much focus on creating a great culture that sometimes etiquette goes out the window

At some point in your career, it’s likely you’ll need to expand your team. When that happens you’ll want to hire the best people.


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