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Scores of business people converged on East London on Wednesday, for a workshop encouraging large employers to submit their Employment Equity Report online from 1 September.

The biggest threat to reconciliation in South Africa was being posed by failure to implement affirmative action, Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has warned.

Opponents of Employment Equity have always called for a sunset clause and they received support this week from EE commission head, Jimmy Manyi. He has called for public hearings to discuss whether white women should be removed from the process as they are over-represented in management positions, so their sunset clause should kick in.

Teryl Schroenn, MD at Accsys, an HR and payroll software management specialist, has confirmed that the company will sponsor an e-learning bursary, valued at R21 000, as a prize to be drawn at the annual South African Payroll Association Conference in September.

Recently the often contentious subject of Affirmative Action reared it's ugly head again, amidst calls for an affirmative action Codesa to be implemented to help regulate it's application to business. Tim Houghton looks at the latest views on the subject.

Cathie Webb, Chief Operations Officer at Accsys, has been nominated as a finalist in the Johannesburg Businesswoman?s Association (BWA) Regional Business Achiever Awards 2007 (Corporate category), sponsored by The Businesswomen?s Association (BWA).

Thohoyandou Magistrate's Court has slapped a leading fabric manufacturing company with a fine for refusing to comply with the lawful order of a labour inspector during an inspection.

The Director for the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA),
Nerine Khan, has stated that her organisation has mooted a new turnaround strategy aimed at improving service delivery of the system by 2010.

Potential employers are increasingly resorting to "cyber vetting? as a means of uncovering "digital dirt? on future employees. Do you think about that when you are writing on Facebook? Thought not...
Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, MD of Jack Hammer Executive Headhunters takes us through the details.

South African companies are expected to use part of their profit margin to invest in people, resources and communities. Corporate social responsibility ranks high in the order of priorities and the HR and payroll administration industry is helping to set the benchmark says Teryl Schroenn, MD at Accsys.

Government has welcomed the signing of the 2007 multi-term salary agreement which brought an end to the public service strike which had severely affected schooling and the health services.

Employers in the hospitality industry have been given an extended deadline to submit their updated employee's information.

Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana attacked critics of the Employment Equity act, and announced that it's implementation was "inevitable'. He was also quick to emphasise the role of business as key stakeholders in the process.

As a leader, your ability to recruit the right people and develop them is critical to the success of your organisation. Key considerations are recruitment, remuneration, performance appraisals, training, team-building, conflict resolution, and succession planning. Let?s explore how leaders ensure the sustainable growth of their business through their people.

The first city on the Government's Empolyment Equity Roadshow was Durban, where dozens of employers came to take advantage to the experts' help in fulfilling their obligation to the EE act.

Shortage of artisan skills leads to high turnover of artisans, able to call their own wage levels. When an employer responds by raising wages to retain artisans, other in the company covered by a Bargaining Council Agreement, don't have the flexibility to re-enter into wage negotiations during the currency of the industry agreement and can't proceed on a legal strike.

Des Squire, director of Applied Management Studies International looks at how changing the perceptions regarding disciplinary hearings might help the whole process achieve more positive results.

Can a suspension "deny the dignity of employment"? This and other questions related to pursuing a PDA (Protected Disclosures Act) claim, such as: defining a protected disclosure, identifying occupational detriment, and establishing an appropriate remedy, are answered in this Labour Court judgement.

Good news for those employed in the taxi industry, with the announcement of regulation of the minimum wage amount payable to Taxi Operators and Rank Officials.

Business success is dependent on the performance of employees and building leadership capacity is essential to enhance operations. So claims Vicki Shaw, CEO of the Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL), a South African consulting organization specializing in leadership learning and transformation.

It is the Government's hope that South Africa?s hospitality industry will experience greatly improved service levels once the minimum wage law comes into effect on 1 July this year.

15 days prison sentence order for the Minister of Health and the Director General of the Department overturned by the Labour Appeal Court: The Department of Health failed to comply with a CCMA award re-instating an employee to her previously held position, but the LAC found that there should first have been a mandamus compelling the Minister and/or the D-G to comply with the order.

A dismissed "masseuse/sex worker" could not have the case arbitrated at the CCMA. Although the Constitution provides that "everyone has the right to fair labour practices", the Commissioner found that an employment contract containing requirements to conduct illegal acts (effectively prostitution), was not an enforceable contract. Is this in the interests of public policy?

The Department of Labour Employment Equity Inspectorate first seeks an undertaking that the employer will comply with the EEA requirements of: consultation with employees, analyzing employment barriers, and preparing an EE plan. When the employer fails to comply, a Compliance Order is issued, and after continued non-compliance, that Order is made an order of court and a fine issued.

What constitutes a reasonable expectation of renewal of a fixed-term contract? If the contract is renewed for a lesser period than the original contract, is this less favourable? See also Govender and General Electric SA. In this case, there is reference to concerns about performance. Avoid becoming embroiled in unnecessary renewals of fixed term contracts - make appropriate use of the "probationary" clause rights afforded to the employer by the LRA.


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