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A new Integrated Human Resource Strategy (IHRS) is to improve the management systems and processes of the Department of Correctional Services. The well-planned strategy received the thumbs-up from the Public Service Association and POPCRU.

The Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality is committed to ensuring women are represented in all spheres of the municipality?s senior management positions.

When women are empowered, families, communities and countries are empowered, says Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

Many of today?s top executives are the products of internal leadership programmes that they have enjoyed in other companies during the course of their careers. And managers who have undergone leadership training in companies with a real interest in leadership development are considered to be amongst the most sought-after gems of the corporate world.

Would you like the opportunity to work for South Africa's Department of Labour? Find out how to apply for vacancies here if you are in the market for a new position.

"Well done team - that was good work.' There I?ve said it! But how can you tell whether I really mean it? You can?t; they are just words typed in an e-mail. The words communicate a meaning but you can?t tell my expression, my feelings or emotions. Maurice Kerrigan investigates the concept of the "e-hermit"...

This walks you throught the Arbitration process, equipping you with the knowledge you'll need to make the best of this situation.

In this final phase of the process, we outline what the final outcomes might be, and where your grounds of appeal lie, should you not be happy with the outcome.

In this section we look at what to expect from the settlement phase of the Con/Arb meeting at the CCMA.

In the third of an eight-part series on EE inspections, we look at the process that the DoL will set in motion should they wish to audit you - starting with the notification.

In this, the sixth of eight articles on EE inspections, we run through what the Inspector will be looking for with regard to information in the workplace, and what you are required to show by Law.

In our final installment of our look into EE inspections, we look at the results of the audit, and the ramifications for those who do not comply.

In Part four of this series on EE inspections, we look at what the audit checklist is, and what to expect.

In Part seven, we look at what documentation is required for the formation, and subsequent actions of your EE Committee.

In this, the first of an eight-part series on EE Inspections, we look at why the Department of Labour have been visiting companies and auditing their compliance with the Employment Equity Act.

In the second of our eight-part series on EE inspections, we look at the right of Department of Labour to enter you premises, and the stipulations they must abide by.

In Part five of our eight-part series on EE inspections, we look at who needs to be present for the inspection, in order to satisfy the Law.

There is at least one guarantee in life: things change. In the corporate world, a lack of awareness of how change is experienced by people has the potential to bring down a business.

In order to create a representative workforce, a socially responsible company as well as meet disability targets, companies need to engage in a more proactive and committed PWD recruitment and placement strategy.

Beware the practice of re-issuing "fixed term" contracts monthly. Miss a few months and the employees are effectively permanent.

Reaching retirement age is a sensitive issue for most people. Employers are advised to ensure that they manage the retirement process with professionalism. Don't let the retirement day go by, and ensure documentation of any agreements extending the date.

Can you dismiss an employee who has been imprisoned for an offence unrelated to his employment?

Retention of superior and/or essential skills - a criteria used with LIFO for operational requirements dismissals - does the Labour Court have power to adjudicate on procedural fairness of dismissal?

A case relating to the legitimacy of a claim for unfair dismissal, due to assertation of the applicant's common law right to a pre-dismissal hearing.


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