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Chairperson of the Commission for Employment Equity, Jimmy Manyi, believes that there is, "still a serious amount of racism in the workplace' with white people often unable to recognise the ability of black people. Manyi was speaking at the presentation of the 7th annual report of the commission to the Labour Minister.

The way we think on a daily basis ultimately determines personal success or failure, says Des Squire. In this article he encourages us to cultivate positive thoughts which will help us deal with our problems in a positive manner. With the challenges we all face at work it is important advice.

Feltex Automotive has streamlined the management of its payroll and HR processes with the help of a human resource software solution from Accsys, a national provider of employee management solutions.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has raised concerns about the rampant rate of discrimination in the workplace. "Although progress had been made at combating discrimination in the workplace, rising gender disparities in income and other forms of discrimination including age, sexual orientation and HIV and AIDS status were a cause for growing concern,' said ILO in a new report.

The United Nations? General Assembly President says governments worldwide can assist female entrepreneurs by introducing more gender-sensitive policies, offering greater employment, taxation and investment opportunities for women.

In what will be good news for long-suffering waiters and other workers in South Africa's hospitality sector, Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana has announced a minimum wage that would apply across the industry. The sector - which includes tourism - is said to be the fourth-largest generator of the country's gross domestic product but has little union membership.

The Commission for Employment Equity has cancelled this year?s employment equity awards as the overall performance against equity targets was so poor. The increased level of enforcement of the Employment Equity Act will continue, with more prosections in the Labour Court on the cards.

Botswana Postal Services (BotswanaPost) has enhanced its payroll management software with an upgrade from the Accsys Dos system, Nugen, to the windows software system, Accsys Peopleware. This has resulted in improvements across operations at the postal network service.

Employers that make loans to employees will need to register as credit providers to satisfy the criteria of the National Credit Act - or face penalties. According to Helyn Patten from Webber Wentzel Bowens, employee loans will be classified as credit agreements under the National Credit Act if there is a deferral of payment and a fee, charge or interest is levied on the deferred amount.

White, male journalists are paid more and hold more top positions in South Africa?s newsrooms, while black women are the furthest down the ladder, a new study has found. This is according to the findings of a gender audit by the South African National Editors Forum (Sanef) and Gender Links.

The growing popularity of Corporate Wellness Programmes in South Africa is set to dramatically cut the country?s annual R12bn absenteeism bill - and improve productivity in the process, says Dr Craig Nossel, Deputy General Manager of Discovery Vitality.

We also work with Norwegian students and some of them love it here and want to work here. They are well educated and could really add value to our economy. However, the process of applying for work permits and for bank accounts, etc, is so bureaucratic!

The Durban Labour Court has fined a KwaZulu-Natal employer for contravening sections of the Employment Equity Act. KwaZulu-Natal textile company Win-Cool Industrial Enterprise was fined R300 000 by the Durban Labour Court for contravening Sections 16, 19, 20 and 21 of the Employment Equity Act.

The Home Affairs Department has announced that 34 825 work permits will be available for foreign citizens who posess skills which are considered scarce in South Africa. Applicants with the relevant qualification and work experience will be able to secure a work permit without first obtaining a job offer - if they fall within one of 53 different areas of scarcity.

Public servants in a developing nation, such as South Africa, have been urged to be innovative in their approach to work. Minister of Public Service and Administration, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi said government, as a developmental state needed public servants to "push the boundaries and let the potential come through.'

"Employment Equity is currently enjoying a large amount of attention in the media. It seems to be getting the blame for everything that is either amiss, or wrong within the South African economy," says Pieter Lerm from EDGE Media. Lerm explains how the act has been misinterpreted and not related correctly to other legislation that the employer should be aware of.

The efficiency of a company and its Human Resource management is put to the test the moment someone phones or walks in through the front door. Unfortunately, corporate image is an aspect of business development that is too often neglected. Teryl Schroenn tells us that you shouldn't neglect the staff in your reception area.

South Africa, its people and its politicians need to learn from Zambia. In 1964 the newly-elected President - Kenneth Kaunda, began a countrywide ethic - with his oft-repeated statement, "One Zambia, One nation.' In a country with 60+ dialects this was to prove to be the concrete that united Zambia. And it still does.

The workplace is not what it used to be. Employees do not necessarily fit traditional profiles and cannot be easily categorized. At the same time businesses are under increasing pressure to keep up with daily innovation in digital communication equipment and resources. Clearly, the digital revolution and age of information has resulted in a renewed corporate landscape and the introduction of a new breed of information worker.

The Department of Labour has initiated court proceedings against a Durban based manufacturing company for breaching provisions of the Employment Equity Act (EEA). Cantoni Lounge (Pty) Ltd, a manufacturing company based in Stanger was served with papers ordering it to appear at the Durban Labour Court for contravening provisions of Section 36 of the EEA.

President Thabo Mbeki has featured a letter from a disgruntled former employee of Investec in his weekly email newsletter, ANC Today. Bonga Bangani's correspondence with a senior Investec manager became common knowledge when it was published by a leading financial publication last week. "He wrote this letter out of frustration at the racism he experienced in this branch of one of our major financial institutions," says President Mbeki.

The increase in adoption and integration of payroll software into the workplace represents a significant step forward in the quest for effective management, calculation and processing of payroll. The rate of adoption of software solutions is such that a comprehensive "entrance-to-exit’ product range does add immediate value.

"One minister recently stated on national television he had delegated a task to a consultant and the problems that now existed were the consultants fault. This is a very good example of abdication and not delegation". Des Squire explores the issues to focus on to ensure your delegation is successful.


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