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When it comes to processing Employment Equity and Workplace Skills Planning
reports are you working smarter or harder? As an HR professional, your time is
valuable and therefore you don?t want to be spending hours and hours (sometimes
days) of your time simply crunching numbers.

Kathi Clarke owner of Building Best Business and an internationally-
ActionCOACH has won an award at the prestigious annual Business
Awards. The event provides an opportunity for business owners and
coaches to gather and exchange valuable insights.

The number of people employed in the formal non-agricultural sector of the South
African economy increased by about 22 000 persons while the ross earnings paid to
employees in the fourth quarter amounted to R393 833 million.

The number of job seekers actually relevant to a company?s specific vacancy
requirements is significantly smaller on general job boards and HR practitioners need to
looking beyond this recruitment tool to source high quality candidates.

As people become desperate to make ends meet more workers are turning to
employee fraud as a means of supplementing their income. A recent survey revealed
that fraud committed by employees in the UK alone went up by over 40% last year.

Training is not often readily available to persons with disabilities because of
misconceptions and as a result disabled people are missing out on an even greater
number of employment opportunities.

As part of reviewing the minimum wages and employment conditions in the taxi and hospitality sectors the Department of Labour is establishing further public hearings and on-site visits. The process is expected to take place in KwaZulu-Natal.

SA employees are set to benefit from higher wage increases than the rest of the
world over the next 12 months. Local employees might welcome this announcement,
but the sustainability of such a move is still in question.

The total number of South African women holding senior management positions in
business is just 28%. This figure has been static for more than five years, and is a
long way off government?s goal to ensure that 50% of senior management positions
are filled by women.

Executives with the requisite experience are hard to find in some industries. In fact
the shortage of capable senior managers is prompting companies to increase their
remuneration packages as part of their recruitment scheme.



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