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The government aims to make employment services open and accessible to all, which
will significantly impact the way employers conduct their business in 2013. Rob Cooper
provides a breakdown of the changes.

Companies often struggle to find the correct people for specific job requirements. Various reasons such as skill sets and being able to pass screening tests are hurdles that often stops companies finding capable applicants. The following article offers a breakdown of how this situation can be overcome.

The Gauteng Provincial Government has stated that it is fully committed to reviving local manufacturing. It has recently made efforts to revive local manufacturing as a locus for economic growth and decent jobs.

There has been a slight increase in South Africa's unemployment rate, according to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA). These patterns suggested that there was a shift from employment into unemployment.

The peace and stability framework regarding the mining sector will be concluded this week. The Department of Mineral Resources has met with various stakeholders to finalise any outstanding issues. The parties in the agreement have collectively committed to the implementation of the framework.

The 22nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, being held in Geneva, Switzerland will be attended by the SA deputy-minister of International Relations and Cooperation. the aim of the meeting is to address human rights matters of national interest and concern.

A framework to secure peace and stability in the mining sector has been signed by the SA government and mining stakeholders. The signing of the document comes after violence flared up in the platinum sector.

The Department of Labour announced that labour inspectors would now be able to press for prosecution to ensure occupation health and safety compliance. Companies have in the past been budgeting these safety fines as part of their business module but that would now change.

The North West local government has voiced a concern over the lack of a dispute resolution which could lead to further violence in the mining sector. This comes after a resurgence of violence ascribed to rivalry between the National Union of Mineworkers and the Association for Mineworkers.

The Department of Labour has initiated discussions at a public hearing process on the minimum wage for taxi drivers. The following article will discuss an analysis of the decision process and who will be involved


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