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Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni explains that the organisation is making good progress with its Employment Equity profile, despite the fact that staff turnover has increased. Despite many black staff members being poached, the Reserve Bank has reached levels of 43% black managers and 36% female managers.

In episode three of our series on Employment Equity we look at the link to skills development. Skills development is integral to the redress of past discrimination and the implementation of Workplace Skills Plans should be integrated with the employment equity activities.

Is the national HR Council, HRCosa, still appropriate for the needs of the field and the practitioners working in its various functions? The meeting called by Association president Shaun Schwanzer to chart the way ahead will now be held on Thursday the 31st of August.

Employment equity plans and reports are not documents that are simply drawn up by management. The Employment Equity Act requires that designated employers establish committees and consult with employees. We explore the issues that these committees should be involved with.

There are five key standard questions for recruitment managers to gain the best understanding of job candidates and to weed out those who are unacceptable risks.

The Correctional Services department and the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) have ended a deadlock involving a dress code dispute which saw the suspension of a Muslim social worker.

The Department of Labour in the Free State has embarked on a series of aggressive workplace blitz inspections to check employers? compliance with Employment Equity laws.

Are you thinking of a significant career change? More and more South Africans are looking at this option, but it is something that employers don't generally support. Debbie Goodman says that expecting the same, or more money in a new career is overly optimistic. You are more likely to have to take a pay cut for that 180-degree career change.

When you take on a new employee are you happy for them to take a few months to learn the ropes - or would you like them to become efficient as soon as possible? Some time spent on day one taking a new recruit through a formal induction process will pay dividends later on says Teryl Schroenn.

The Department of Labour has started inspections to ensure compliance with Employment Equity legislation by designated employers. Your company could be a designated employer either by having more than 50 employees or by having a turnover considered above the limit for SMEs in your sector. If you are a designated employer for the first time we've outlined the first steps to take to ensure compliance.

Initial outcomes of the ongoing workplace blitz inspections in the Free State show that some employers in the financial services sector have been caught off guard, while a big majority of others received a thumbs-up.

When we take a hard look at the road to increased growth in South Africa it is clear that the road ahead is barred by four very large stop signs. Dr Malcom Birkin, who will be speaking at the upcoming HRD Leadership seminar series, believes that we have to take a leaf out of China's book if we are to meet our objectives.

The dispute regarding an alleged unilateral phasing out of the bonus incentive scheme at the Unemployment Insurance and Compensation Funds offices in Pretoria has been laid to rest, following a settlement reached between the Department of Labour and unions.

Our article on how HR practitioners can ensure credibility in the organisation brought a number of responses. The view that management were the clients of HR departments was also a bone of contention. Surely they should be partners?

Time theft happens daily and can have a crippling affect on the bottom line. The theft of a company?s time, by employees means a loss in productivity and a financial cost to a business. An asset therefore becomes a liability and urgent, direct control measures need to be implemented. Teryl Schroenn has the answer.

Signficant changes to the world of work mean significant changes for the people who manage employees. In the modern workplace angry employees can now 'blog' against you, set up "employer X sucks" websites or even unleash viruses in your network! What is the role of Human Resources in this new environment? Our guest Master HR Practitioner believes that a new organisational culture is needed.

Minerals and Energy Minister Buyelwa Sonjica has reiterated that government will not tolerate unsafe and unhealthy mines which put the lives of workers in danger. This follows the findings of an inquiry into a conveyor belt fire at a Limpopo platinum mine two years ago, which left nine mine workers dead.

A Reddersburg farmer outside Bloemfontein in the Free State faces a possible charge of contravening the legislation that regulates child labour which prohibits the employment of children, if Labour Department inspectors investigating should find that a boy employed in his livestock farm is under-aged.

Changes in the nature of business in the last decade have placed new demands on Human Resource Practitioners. New research points to personal credibility as the key competency for HR people in this new era.

Studying for a National Diploma in Payroll Administration no longer requires many hours in a lecture theatre. A new online programme from Accsys is the first qualification of this type offered over the web in Africa, says MD Teryl Schroenn. "The virtual environment is ideal for this payroll course and ideal for people interested in embarking on a career in payroll administration," she says.

The reluctance of financial services companies to invest in skills development, combined with booming equity markets has lead to a serious shortage of skilled traders. According to Debbie Goodman of Jack Hammer, as soon as an employee leaves for a new company it sets off a chain reaction as employers resort to headhunting from their competition.

The global human capital development revolution means that employees are no longer commodities - they are assets. Organisations will need to invest in the acquisition, development and retention of their own talent resources, and become open, learning based environments where talent is recognised, nurtured and utilised effectively. The question is how! A new programme has the answers.

The Women in Management forum has heard that most people charged with bringing about gender transformation in the public sector have been appointed at very low levels. A call has been made for these individuals to be given the authority they need to perform their work.

With current high absenteeism rates and HIV/Aids impacting more on the workforce, many local companies have realized that more focus should be placed on the implementation of employee wellness programmes. Brenda Cheshire explains that Blazing Moon Corporate Training has launched a programme that offers a new approach to EAP.

You might think that employee screening is something that can only happen before employment. Kirsten Halcrow explains that a high percentage of long-standing employees are implicated in serious fraud. She proposes post-employment screening as a tool for employers to quantify and manage their risk.


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