Youth Development

Youth Development is essential to helping the youth of South Africa succeed in life. There are far more prospective workers than there are jobs available for them, and many youth are not able to afford to study further and become more specialised. This is where youth development programmes come in. Offering young people work readiness programmes, opportunities to advance their education and make a difference in their communities are just some of the ways that youth development can change South Africa for the better.

Government is investing in education and skills development because it’s the most
powerful weapons that the youth will need to enable them to run the country's
modern economy efficiently.

Young people will be instrumental in building the country towards prosperity, but only
if there is increased investment in their education and health. We need to "make sure
that they are given equal opportunities to develop to their full potential" - Minister
Bathabile Dlamini.

Failing to address the emergency of youth unemployment is a powder keg waiting to
explode. We all need to address this crisis urgently, if we wish to have a stable
country going forward.

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) launched its flagship driver training
programme together with driver simulator infrastructure at Matatiele Local

Sky-rocketing unemployment rates amongst Millennials has become a shared reality
world-wide. As a result governments around the world are implementing a range of
interventions to boost job creation and avoid having a lost generation.

Statistician-General Pali Lehohla says while the number of black youth in employment
has grown over the last 20 years, the acquisition of skills has not grown at the same
rate within this group.

he National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Industrial Development Corporation
(IDC) and the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (sefa) have launched a R2.7-billion
Youth Fund aimed at creating millions of sustainable jobs.

The 3rd annual Coega Youth Leadership Development Academy (CYLA) aims to
provide young leaders with the robust life insight and in-depth content
required to lead effectively in a changing society.

Communications Deputy Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has urged North
West youth to take their studies seriously as it will enable them to participate
in the running of the country.

Youth volunteers launched an initiative to build 76 houses in one month
through Youth Build programme which integrates academic achievement, work
experience, leadership development, and personal transformation in a single

Four talented university students will have the opportunity to attend the One
Young World Summit 2014, which will be taking place in Dublin, Ireland from
15 - 18 October.

The North West Provincial Government will take stock of how it has been
rolling out the Youth Employment Accord in order to improve its benefits for
the young people of that province.

The National Youth Day Commemoration event is one of many events hosted
by government to celebrate and uplift young people. Download the 2014
Youth Month Calendar.

Over 3000 youngsters, seeking advice and information on career
opportunities have visited the 2014 Ekurhuleni Career Expo. The expo will run
till 12 June 2014.

While unemployment among young people has remained stubbornly high
following the 2008 recession, the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)
is beginning to see the positive impact of its varied interventions to ride out
this socio-economic storm.

A partnership between Boston City Campus and Business College and the
loveLife organisation aims to deal with issues of social development and youth

This event allows school pupils to participate in a cultural and historical tour of
all the monuments related to the 1976 youth uprisings and this year we
(NYDA) are adding a social dialogue to the programme.

A new forum launched in the Western Cape will focus on the role of young
people and highlight their contribution to building a better society. The
platform "will enable young people to take their rightful place in their

More needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of internship
programmes that prepare graduates to go into the labour market, the
National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) said.

While government continues to invest in education and skills development,
President Jacob Zuma has urged the youth to dream big and to help the
country move towards meaningful economic emancipation.

In response to a public outcry and calls for corrective measures in the form of
governmental, national and provincial action, corporate South Africa is joining
hands to tackle one of South Africa?s greatest social ills - the lack of direction
for young men.

Entries are open for the prestigious third annual rising star awards which
recognize inspirational and passionate young talented people. The awards
form part of a programme to develop potential leaders.

Youth unemployment and poverty is a common challenge amongst member
states, and city councils from BRICS countries have been urged to consider
prioritising these problems in their policies.

The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) has launched the Youth Enterprise Development Strategy (YEDS), which will see more young people play an active role in the economy.

Over 300 young people are benefitting from job opportunities created as a
result of a public-private partnership between the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan
Municipality and various companies.


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