Youth Development

Youth Development is essential to helping the youth of South Africa succeed in life. There are far more prospective workers than there are jobs available for them, and many youth are not able to afford to study further and become more specialised. This is where youth development programmes come in. Offering young people work readiness programmes, opportunities to advance their education and make a difference in their communities are just some of the ways that youth development can change South Africa for the better.

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) says the State of the Nation Address will be a good opportunity for President Jacob Zuma to share progress on the building of new universities in both Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape.

Learners from grades nine to 12 will receive the opportunity to gain insight into a wide
range of career options through the "My Future, My Career? project which provides
secondary school learners with career education screenings in cinema complexes.

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe stated that the Timbuktu manuscripts should be reserved as they reflect the contribution of the African mind to the human story. Motlanthe was speaking at the launch of a book about the construction of the Ahmed Institute of Higher Learning and Islamic Research in Mali.

Government is hosting National Youth Camps for youths aged between 14 and 25 in all nine provinces. The camps are aimed at empowering young South Africans by teaching them about leadership, social cohesion and nation building through outdoor adventure games and other activities.

The government is to host National Youth Camps across the country from this weekend to promote patriotism among the country?s youngsters and develop their leadership abilities. The youth camps would seek to achieve nation building, social cohesion and leadership.

South African youth have been honoured at the Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guest House for their determination and efforts in improving the lives of those who are less fortunate. The award aims to motivate young people to become involved in voluntary self-development activities.

A multi-pronged youth strategy is being finalised at the Nedlac meetings to fast-track the implementation of a youth-wage subsidy. The meetings will be attended by three cabinet members with the purpose of expediting the proceedings.

Youth unemployment is one of many challenges facing government, as millions of young people around the world are struggling to survive without jobs. Locally, government is developing a multi-pronged strategy including the youth wage subsidy to overcome the high youth unemployment rate.

The government is currently working on a multi-pronged approach to tackle youth unemployment, rather than having one approach for a multitude of problems. Various principles have been identified to tackle the high unemployent figures.

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of young South Africans the Youth Development Agency hosted its inaugural South African Youth Awards event themed "Against all odds'.

The South African Youth Awards ceremony will showcase the exceptional work of young people and organisations and the contribution they are making to South Africa and the world.

Today young people face a different, yet no less threatening enemy than their 1976 counterparts. HIV and AIDS, drugs and substance abuse, moral decay, hunger and joblessness are some the evils that youth are being called to act against.

In order for South Africa to grow and excel it is necessary to recognise and celebrate exceptional individuals who make a difference and lead the way in the world of work, for this reason the Rising Star Awards was created.

Youth Empowerment lies at the heart of Usher?s New Look Foundation 2012 World Leadership Conference and five local students have been selected to participate in this global event.

With the aim of developing youth entrepreneurs, Productivity SA, a public entity of the Department of Labour (DoL) has announced its joint effort to establish the Youth Group of Companies (YGC).

The NYDA has developed a month long schedule of activities aimed at promoting youth access to information and opportunities as part of its Youth Month celebrations. This year the programme will kick off with a Youth Express Train.


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