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Skills Development in South Africa is governed under the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998, which has subsequently been amended a number of times. The national government's Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible for managing and developing all higher education and skills development training. Learnerships are a key component of the skills development drive. With a Learnership the learner can gain a national qualification without having to pay study fees. The current Minister responsible for skills development is Dr Blade Nzimande.

Skills training programmes play an important role in ensuring that people are equipped with the necessary skills to better develop themselves. This is particularly the case for South Africans living with disabilities.   

If you've got your eye on a promotion or are looking to better your skills set for the job market, undergoing training in a specific field or a specific skill can be helpful for your career in the long run, and will look good on your CV. 

As a company that is passionate about progress, Engen has launched a new skills development and learnership programme aimed at boosting the job prospects for youth and unemployed South Durban Basin community members.

Pizza Hut has partnered with the Youth Employment Service (YES) to launch LeadHERship, an initiative to address youth unemployment and gender inequality in South Africa. 


Equipping and re-equipping professionals with the insights they need to stay relevant in their professions is no simple task. The rapid speed at which technology is advancing can be terrifying for many people, as just as they have become used to a certain way of doing things, they need to be retrained. 

Skills development initiatives don’t mean much in the workplace if real work readiness is not achieved. If the skills taught cannot be implemented by the employee at work, if they amount only to theoretical learning without practical application, will any return on investment be achieved?

A learnership offers you workplace experience while also obtaining a qualification. Here are some tips if you would like to do a learnership.

Unemployment has always been a major challenge faced in South Africa and many have suggested that the reason behind the country’s constant high unemployment figures is the lack of skills needed to do jobs that are in high demand.

Rapid digital transformation is underway in South Africa's healthcare sector.  With a vision of improving access and enhancing patient care, supporting healthcare practitioners and saving costs, the country's healthcare providers are reshaping the patient journey and laying the digital foundations for the future.

Currently, there are at least 76 million domestic workers across the globe, who make up a significant part of the global workforce in informal employment and are among the most vulnerable groups of workers.

In South Africa’s tough job market, experience is an essential item on any CV. Internships are a great way to get practical work experience that will fill up your CV and teach you how to behave in a real workplace. We've got 4 tips for you to make sure your internship is a success.

The industry organisation that promotes skills development in the country's workplaces is concerned about changes to the control over First Aid training providers. They have released a detailed position paper to explain their concerns, and their proposals for a solution to the problem.

Developing a colleague who is appointed as an intern is serious business. This is certainly not an errand-girl or errand-boy to be treated with disdain and humiliated. 

One hundred persons with disabilities and their families are set to benefit from Engen’s R848 680 donation to the Breede Valley Association for Persons with Disabilities (APD) over the next three years.


The education department has announced that schools cannot make new education assistant appointments. As this phase of the youth employment initiative concludes, Skills Portal spoke to three individuals who participated in the programme to find out how it impacted their lives.


Youth Day in South Africa is a time when we reflect on how far we’ve come as a country and the challenges we face. There’s no doubt that there have been big advances in South Africa. At the dawn of democracy in 1994, 58% of public-school learners in Grade 12 passed matric, while in 2021 that figure was 76.4%.

Soft skills are the personality traits that allow us to make friends and get things done, both at work and in life. These skills range from being a good listener to managing our time effectively.

A quick search online will turn up dozens of lists and articles with different definitions for soft skills, with many overlapping areas. But that's the beauty of soft skills - no matter where you are in your career, you can use them to propel yourself forward in your professional life.

The workplace is not what it once was. The pandemic accelerated shifts that were already gaining traction and, today, working environments are defined by increasingly hybrid arrangements, greater mobility and non-linear career shifts. Of course, these changes are also being accompanied by accelerated digital transformation and the rise of automation.

A lot of us fail to see the importance of investing in our personal development. This is why many people are stuck with a job they hate and settling for a lifestyle that is far from being ideal.




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