Skills Development

Skills Development in South Africa is governed under the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998, which has subsequently been amended a number of times. The national government's Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible for managing and developing all higher education and skills development training. The current Minister is Dr Blade Nzimande.

The Auto-mobile Association Technical College and the Transport SETA have joined forces to provide six bursaries to previously disadvantaged students. The socio-economic development programme aims to make a difference in young student?s lives by giving them the opportunity to become artisans.

Through the correctional services' learnership programme over 1000 unemployed
youths have received skills development training in the field. This training has opened
up employment opportunities in the department.

More cash has been pumped into skills development projects that promote access to
employment. Finance and Accounting Services Seta (Fasset) contributed
R45 million to work readiness programmes bringing the total available amount to R480
million. Recruitment has opened for some of these projects.

Work-integrated learning has been identified as a critical part of the skills
development process and leaders in the public sector have been called on turn the
work environment into training space for young graduates.

In response to the lack of career choices and to improve the retention of people with
disabilities, Old Mutual will send 24 of their employees with disabilities on the INSETA
FETI/HETI articulation project.

The vision of a greener growth path for South Africa and its potential for job creation
has spurred unprecedented national collaboration between the environmental sector
and education institutions and agencies, towards the development of quality green

Stakeholders in the public service sector will converge to discuss how the sector can
be professionalised and unlocked as a training space during sector's first colloquium,
which will take place in November.

Has South Africa already experienced its "Tunisian moment'? Dr Mamphela Ramphele
believes "ordinary citizens are waking up to their constitutional rights and
entitlements', and are insisting the ANC attends to "unfinished business in our
transition from authoritarian government to democracy'. Jim Freeman reports.

Skills development is a hot topic right now with government and industry encouraging businesses to up-skill employees. But is workplace training resulting in improved employee performance? and if not, why?

Through collective participation South Africa can make skills development a tool to change people?s lives in a positive way but that requires more action, less talk and better results, especially in townships and rural areas.


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