Small Business

As a start-up, you wouldn’t necessarily take business advice from a five year old, but when that five year old is a successful, trend-creating South African furniture and accessories business; you might just sit up and take notice.

Are you a new business owner or a start-up company? When you run your own business, you have to fulfill various different roles in the beginning.

A disruptive fintech startup is helping small and medium formal and informal businesses in South Africa to better manage their money and grow their businesses.

While government is committed to accelerating the active participation of black people in the economy, it has urged black entrepreneurs to fully partake in the economy.

Often in business we focus on selling our goods or services. We regard ourselves as a sales organization and focus our training and motivation on sales.

The latest data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows the entrepreneurial intention is nose-diving in South Africa contributing to a worsening economic situation.

One word drives many conversations lately. Entrepreneur. It seems that most people either are one or aspire to be one. We live in a society which glorifies the entrepreneur. The stories of youngsters who grow from college dropout to tech millionaire are everywhere.

South African businesses are operating in a trying and difficult economic environment.

Last call for young African entrepreneurs to apply for the prestigious Anzisha Prize - Application deadline extended to the 30th of April 2016.

Well over 400 aspiring tech-preneurs have submitted their original digital ideas that they believe will make Joburg a better city for the 2016 #HackJozi Challenge.



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