Small Business

It seems as if the career path less travelled in South Africa is that of the tech
start-up CEO who can pilot a company to dazzling paydays, sell it, and do it all
over again in a next venture.

Today more people get their information over their cellphones than their
computers. If your business is not on social media, the question needs to be
asked, why not?

For the first time the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has opened its
doors to entrepreneurs from other countries in Africa to help them capture the
imagination of customers and investors alike.

Vox Telecom has today launched a specialised suite of solutions, aimed at
delivering scalable, flexible and more importantly cost effective
telecommunications to the growing small and medium enterprise (SME)

In line with the critical need to further develop entrepreneurs and SMEs in
South Africa, a new initiative has been created to assist in nurturing small
business growth while allowing larger corporations to fulfill their B-BBEE

The Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) has pledged its support
for small business and quality education to help the country meet its
development goals.

As emerging markets continue to struggle with the economic downturn, it has
become evident that South Africa cannot solely rely on private and public
enterprises to resolve the unemployment crisis.

Small businesses make up an approximated 40% of all entities in the
economy, playing a vital role with potential to make significant contributions to
job creation, sustained employment and economic growth.

Around the world, innovative entrepreneurs are finding new ways to combat
social problems such as unemployment, educating the youth, and delivering
healthcare services in the poorest of poor areas.

The Small Business Finance Agency (Sefa) that is less than two years old has
invested approved funding of over R1 billion to small businesses, said
Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel.



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