Small Business

Business owners are continuously looking for solutions that are flexible,
mobile and saves them money. In this way they can focus on growing their
business, according to Charles Pittaway.

Developing entrepreneurs has long been discussed as one possible solution
to the frightening rate of unemployment, particularly amongst the South
African youth and unemployed graduates.

Small businesses create employment for more than two thirds of workers in
South Africa, for this reason it is critical that greater support structures are
put in place to ensure their survival.

Entrepreneurship is an important tool in the quest to alleviate unemployment
and empower communities in South Africa and is being recommended by
both business and political leaders.

A social venture is bringing skills and learnings from businesses in all stages of
development and emergence to South Africa, with the goal of effecting very
real change for non-profit organisations.

Steering a business into a profitable and successful enterprise is a challenge
and not for the faint hearted, however, once achieved it presents owners the
opportunity to sell up and look at expanding their horizons through other

What causes wide-spread business failure and how can you ensure that
your business does not become a statistic? Antonie van der Hoek says
business and financial knowledge is the key.

The issue of skills development, access to finance and barriers of entering the
market were some of the concerns expressed by small business, said Small
Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) board member, Dr Mzwandile Zwane.

The venture capitalist has heard all the pitches in town, so how do you make
yours stand out from the crowd? Here are five simple tips that will help
you win over even the toughest investors.

A government initiative aims to boost small businesses and create jobs by
developing supplier links between small enterprises and bigger firms and
assisting in transforming the economy.



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