Small Business

Do you think about venturing into the unknown? The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, fulfilling and at times very risky. Frances Wright describes her journey from her safe office desk into the unpredictable and satisfying world of self-employment.

Promising entrepreneurs can learn much from Apple founder Steve Jobs. Allon Raiz reflects on the life experiences of one of the most infamous entrepreneurs and talks about what it takes to be successful.

Youth entrepreneurs will play a big role in changing the unemployment problem in South Africa, but this can only be fulfilled if these entrepreneurs receive adequate support, especially from older entrepreneurs.

South African policy makers have much to learn when it comes to creating environments that promote initiative and development, and accurately address the needs of the people. Allon Raiz says that Rwanda has something to teach South Africa about enterprise development.

As Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off amidst the ANCYL's demands for economic freedom, the question of how we can boost the economic climate through the development of a more effective entrepreneurial ecosystem is a hot topic.Anthony Farr provides insight on creating this conducive entrepreneurial environment.

Pearl Seigel, self proclaimed "Femmepreneur' uses her experience in marketing, communication and consulting to provide insight to stuggling entrepreneurs and novices by highlighting some of the biggest mistakes new businesses make and how to avoid them.



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