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Government agencies, put in place to provide business advisory services to small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs), are making an impact in assisting them to grow.

Working under someone for the better part of your adult life isn't an appealing situation for some people.

Africa’s start-up ecosystem is booming, and start-ups and small businesses continue to contribute to the continents economic development.

Providing a revolutionary solution to the unemployment crisis, the Awethu Project is offering thousands of people in 15 informal areas all around Gauteng the opportunity to learn how to start and grow a business through business growth sessions.

Entrepreneurship is widely celebrated. Since 2010, National Entrepreneur’s Day on November 19 has been presidentially proclaimed in the USA and has now been joined by National Entrepreneurship Month (November), National Entrepreneurship Week and Small Business Saturday.

Research by the 2016/17 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report shows that SMEs in South Africa account for approximately 36% of South Africa’s gross domestic product, and the National Development Plan cites that SMEs are expected to provide a staggering 90% of new jobs by 2030.

Nothing will make or break your new business like your first hire. They will be the reason for your potential success or failure, and they will largely dictate the type of company that you’ll become in the future.

Business owners of today are operating in a world of constantly changing trends and obsessions in the short period of a few months (if they’re lucky). With the advancement of technology and where it is today, there are seemingly endless ways of doing almost everything in a business and there is hardly a norm for most business models anymore.

Budding entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates when starting a new company. Between looking for funding, setting up the business, and looking for staff members, there’s a lot going on.

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