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Assessor Training, Moderator Training, Skills Development Facilitator and Education and Training and Development Program - An assessor is someone registered by the relevant Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) body to measure competence against specified National Qualifications Framework (NQF) unit standards and qualifications. A moderator is employed to umpire these assessments, and to ensure that the results are fair, valid and reliable.

If you're looking for study options to up-skill yourself, for the latest news surrounding assessors and moderators, or for information about the ETDP SETAs, read on to see what's happening in the world of the skills development and moderation.

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Are you interested in becoming an registered assessor or moderator in your field? You will be involved in planning, preparing candidates, conducting assessments according to established principles, collecting evidence, evaluating your findings and more.

Would you like to increase your knowledge and skills as a facilitator? Academy Training Group is offering beginner facilitators the opportunity to develop some practical tools to hone facilitation skills.

COOL IDEAS runs Assessor training as a public course, on a monthly basis or as an in-house course, provided there is a minimum of 5 learners.

SDF Training programmes are available for training Skills Development Facilitators.

A Saqa seminar was held to promote easier implementation of level descriptors as learning outcomes

Are you pursuing a career in education and training? The ODETDP National Certificate
qualification is one of the most sought after qualifications in the Education and
Training field.

Recognition of Prior Learning has long been a topic of discussion in South Africa. There
is a need to simplify the approach to RPL thereby making it accessible to layman at
the end of the line.

An assessment is a test of sorts, which allows an assessor to ascertain
whether a delegate has managed to understand the course material that he
or she has been provided.

The designing of any document can be a daunting task especially when the
results of the designed documents have such repercussions such as
promotions, salary increases or career advancements to name but a few

With the aim of playing a more meaningful role in influencing the quality of learning provision, the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) has aligned its services with the Association for Private Providers of South Africa (APPETD).

Younger learners are more likely to take things at face value and accept instruction without feeling the need to question reasons, motives and methods. This is not true for adult learners, and at Execoach there is a strong emphasis on cultivating a stimulating and challenging learning space for the older student.

What makes an average facilitator great? According to Jan Delmas there are seven key skills that separate the ordinary from the exceptional. Find out how to help individuals and groups deliver the best results by adopting these techniques.

We have unique ways of interacting, communicating, listening and behaving which contribute to our learning style. Brian V Moore talks about how educators can improve their teaching methods to suit each learning style.

Footprint has partnered with the ETDP Seta and Green Rainbow to help community based educators become fully fledged accredited facilitators using an online electronic portfolio of evidence which saves costs and speeds up the assessment process.

Can you identify individual learning styles? Understanding how people learn differently and how to teach them differently can enhance the quality of the education they receive. Brian V Moore looks at visual, audio and kinesthetic learning styles and the best method of teaching students who fall into these categories.

Imagine an assessment tool that has the functionality of an e-portfolio, a workflow manager and a reporting tool all within one powerful self-contained package and all it requires is a PC with a web browser.

Virtual ITIn a previous article David Meredith from Virtual-IT explained the meaning of the acronyms LMS and LCMS. Now David explains some more commonly used training industry acronyms including BPM and PLE.

Do you need a Learning Management System, or LMS? Our legislation makes it is essential that Seta accredited training providers have policies and procedures for capturing and maintaining learner records as part of their QMS. David Meredith from Virtual IT has some useful information.

The "culture of cool" is encapsulated in VeryCoolIdeas' new brand; namely, passion, quality commitment, knowledge and growth.

Increasing the number of skilled South Africans requires skilled education
and training practitioners to deliver the training and conduct assessments.
But do we have enough trained trainers? IPD's Mark Orpen tells us that his
company is working with the ETDP Seta to conduct an industry-wide gap

There are more than 120 000 people in South Africa who could be considered education and training practitioners, says Mark Orpen, and best practice can vary depending on the needs of the specific sector. "ETD Practitioners will need to rapidly gain a deeper knowledge of the range of philosophies, theories and practices that inform their workplace context," explains Orpen.

Being a specialist in a certain field does not necessarily mean that you can train someone effectively in that field. When imparting your knowledge effectively, you need to communicate clearly and with the confidence that will capture and hold the attention of your audience.

Whether you are part of a Standards Generating Body, a Seta or a professional body this learning programme will fast track your ability to develop qualifications and unit standards. This learning programme will assist you to adopt a suitable approach and model to shape a curriculum, whole qualification or unit standards for the sector /industry you serve.

Fasset (the Seta for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and Other Financial Services) recently hosted a Best Practice in Assessment and Moderation workshop at the Park Hyatt Hotel, in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
Well supported by assessors and moderators in the sector, the highly-interactive workshop was presented by the Assessment College?s Managing Director, Gerda Magnus and associate, Abraham de Vries.