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Communication skills training provides the skills to communicate effectively and improve your interpersonal communication skills. Effective communication is one of the most important life skills we can learn—yet one we don't usually put a lot of effort into. Whether you want to improve your social skills or communication skills in the workplace, communication skills training courses will help you succeed. There are various companies that offer communication skills training courses in South Africa so be sure to look at our links below for further information.

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Articles on Communication Skills

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn?t believe what someone
was saying? Participants in a negotiation rarely disclose their full position so
to separate the truth from the lies is an essential skill.

While English is recognized as the language of business many South Africans
who speak English in business do not speak it as their first language. This
could cause communication problems amongst staff and clients.

Is there a place for small talk in the workplace or are you just wasting your breath?
Communications specialist, Jen Mueller, defines a 'productive conversation' and
explains how to add value to business relationships through small talk.

Social media is becoming more and more pervasive and has already been entrenched as a tool for external marketing. But what about internal communication? New research shows it might be groundbreaking there as well.

If the communication techniques are not giving us the results we want, then we
need to question the message. Are you sending the right message to the target
groups in your organisation?

Crucial Conversations a book about having the necessary tools for communicating in business relations has made the Publishers Weekly Bestsellers List. It is claimed that the books' continued success of the book reinforces the role crucial conversations has in every individual?s life.

Emails are an important form of communication in the workplace but can often be a distraction and leave recipients irritable. Simple modifications to your emails could improve lines of communication.

Writing a feature article? Writing is only one of the ingredients needed to produce a good piece. The way you source information is just as important and while interviews are excellent for this purpose, conducting a good interview requires planning, preparation and practice.

Do you know how to get your message across to your stakeholders in a way that they understand? Communications company Quo Vadis will host a six-day Organisational Communications Course which is aimed at anyone wishing to improve their communication.

Most people tend to avoid disagreements in the workplace and even more so with a senior colleague.

When confronted with a request to write a report, many people struggle to know what to write. Mostly confusion will arise about the writing style, what to include, the length of the document and certain other factors.

During July 2016 The Mindspa Institute, a soft skills training company, presented the Business and Report Writing course at their training centre in Johannesburg. The delegates were mainly from the PG Building Glass Finance department.

When you start applying for a job or consider growing in your current position, you’ll start hearing the phrase “soft skills” being thrown around.

Miscommunication is a common problem in many areas of our lives and is often amplified in the work environment. Corlia Boshoff, Visual Communicator at management consulting firm Bizmod says that an instruction or message can often be completely misconstrued, or misunderstood to the point where the implementation can go seriously wrong.

Remember when sex addiction was all the rage? Anyone caught with their proverbial pants down supposedly had an addiction that needed a cure.