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Communication skills training provides the skills to communicate effectively and improve your interpersonal communication skills. Effective communication is one of the most important life skills we can learn—yet one we don't usually put a lot of effort into. Whether you want to improve your social skills or communication skills in the workplace, communication skills training courses will help you succeed. There are various companies that offer communication skills training courses in South Africa so be sure to look at our links below for further information.

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Can you communicate your thoughts in writing? Follow these steps to develop your writing skills and increase your employment opportunities.

Does stress ultimately help or hinder communication? “Stress in small doses can certainly help us perform under pressure,” says Rachel Johnson, owner of Palomino Training Solutions.

When it comes to companies and working with other people, it’s important to have a strong grasp of communication. This ensures that projects, clients, and proposals go off without a hitch. Sometimes, the correct communication may get lost in the fray of day to day deals.

Even with increased use of technological communication methods, such as emails, phone calls, and video conferencing, workplace meetings are still one of the best places to get live feedback, exchange information, collaborate, plan projects and make decisions that will impact the organisation’s bottom line. 

The way you communicate over the phone creates an impression about who you are. Make sure you are making the right impression.

Fake news is a term that is thrown around on a daily basis and one that we have all become familiar with. Living in an era where we can no longer distinguish what is true versus something we believe in, is our reality.

Do you ever feel that no-one really reads your business letters, or perhaps they don’t respond to your e-mails as you would like them to?

Most employees feel frustrated or discouraged as some point in their workday. “This is a common scenario,” says Helene Vermaak, Director at The Human Edge, “and we have found common reasons for this are that they disagree with their boss, don’t support the suggestion of a colleague or possess different views from the vocal majority.”

Most people believe that they will speak up when something negative happens, but in reality few actually do. Helene Vermaak, Director at organisational culture experts The Human Edge says that if employees do not speak up when they are frustrated, or see something that isn’t appropriate happening, there can be real consequences for the organisation.

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Women have the potential to be great communicators; however their sensitivity can sometimes overshadow their objectivity and in the process they lose their assertiveness. Human Resources specialist Lizanne de Jong teaches women how to address work colleagues with confidence.

In meetings, presentations or even at home, you think you can communicate, but are you sure you are communicating effectively. By enhancing your communication skills you make people listen to you. They understand you better and want to listen to you.

Elevator pitches aren’t just for elevators, and they are not just for entrepreneurs or sales people.

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Imagine this scenario: You’re ready to pitch your well-practised polished business pitch or idea for an innovative business to potential investors and/or partners, but at the moment of delivery, you suffer from acute vocal paralysis. No sounds, only terror – pitch-a-phobia.

“If we could always set the ‘stage’ for a crucial conversation, these difficult discussions would be a lot more successful,” says Helene Vermaak, Director at corporate culture experts The Human Edge.