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There are two basic categories of accounting: financial accounting and managerial accounting. Financial accounting is comprised of information that companies make available to the general public: stockholders, creditors, customers, suppliers, and regulatory commissions. Managerial accounting deals with information that is not made public. Information such as salary costs, Cost of goods produced, profit targets, and material control information. The knowledge supplied by managerial accounting is for the use of department heads, division managers, and supervisors to help them make better decisions about the day-to-day operations of the business.

So why do we need accounting? Asking that question of an accountant is like asking a farmer why we need rain. We need accounting because it’s the only way for business to grow and flourish. Accounting is the backbone of the business financial world. After all, accounting was created in response to the development of trade and commerce during the medieval times.

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Articles on Financial Accounting in South Africa

South Africa is experiencing a shift in economic policy, entrenched with uncertainty about future prospects, job losses, interest rate hikes, increased food/petrol prices and much more.

Currently there are 294 debt counselors registered in South Africa, having to cater for over 22 000 individuals who have already sought the help of these debt counselors. This shortage could mean debt counselors will be stretched to their limits to help any added consumers

With the onset of the National Credit Act (NCA) many credit providers find themselves in a situation where compliance issues have a noticeable impact on the processes and procedures followed by the institution in terms of granting credit in line with the requirements of the Act.

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The topic of South African and International Tax is very broad and very complex but, yet, it is imperative for financial professionals to master a good understanding of it to ensure both cost savings and legislative compliance.

Credit has been around since humans walked the earth. We use it daily without worrying when we use electricity, wear clothes and even take showers before paying for them. Yet even though we live in a world of credit, it is still considered bad financial practice by some. PIC Solutions, specialists in credit risk solutions for companies who issue credit, outlines how you can make credit work for you.

With the hikes in interest rates and increases in prices for retail goods, new applicants may find themselves financially unfit to qualify for credit. Cadets to the world of credit are being thoroughly screened for credit-worthiness now that the National Credit Act is in place. Yet, the demand for credit is high, despite increased interest rates and other financial obstacles.

Deutsche Bank has invested R500 million into a partnership programme to empower young South Africans with skills in financial literacy.
Operation HOPE has announced their partnership with Deutsche Bank, whose investment will be ploughed into Banking on Our Future (BOOF) South Africa.

Over 10 million people were in good standing with their credit repayments, the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

The global membership of ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) grew by more than 7,000 last year, making 2007 the highest year of growth for the last five years, ACCA announced.

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has agreed to guidelines proposed by the Debt Counsellors' Association of South Africa (DCASA) aimed to curb exploitation of consumers

Economic prosperity, a growing class of entrepreneurs and previously unheard of opportunities for wealth accumulation are just some of the factors driving the growth in the number of South Africa’s super-rich. But are there enough finaical advisers to handle the demand? BoE Private Clients is one of the many companies engaged in the war for financial talent!

The new Co-operative Banking Bill 2007, which was passed in the National Assembly on Tuesday, will allow low income earners access to banking services.

Shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders in smaller companies in South Africa may be exposed to greater levels of risk if the government goes ahead with plans to introduce an audit exemption threshold, warns ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

In less than two weeks, consumers who want to know their credit status will be able to obtain one free from a credit bureau, as one of the implications of the National Credit Act. The credit bureaux will also have to remove information about certain small debts and paid-up judgments by 1 June - all because of the new National Credit Act.

The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) is to get sharper teeth under a new amendment bill in its battle against money laundering, terrorist financing and other crimes it detects through the paper trials left by suspicious financial transactions, parliament heard.

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), is inviting all outstanding and extraordinary young businessmen and women to enter this year’s Top-35-under-35 competition.

SAICA’s Student Support programme keeps UCT’s African accounting students in the CA pipeline.

New funding collaboration to make financial services graduates more competitive.

The local accountancy industry has gained 271 new professional accountants, following the South African Institute of Professional Accountants’ (SAIPA’s) professional evaluation (PE) exam that was written in May by 363 qualifying candidates, of which 235 or almost 65% were black.

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) defines financial literacy as a combination of financial awareness, knowledge, skills

Technology is disrupting the accounting field and finance professionals need to know how.

There are many myths about a career in accounting – with one of the most common being that it’s boring and predictable.