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Articles on Leadership and Management Training

Malcolm Forbes defined diversity best when he said “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” Diversity is inevitable in life and workplace teams are more diverse than ever before. 

As a new year progresses, companies the world over are exploring better ways to develop and engage their staff, inculcate purposeful leadership and implement calculated management strategies.

Understanding your colleagues can go a long way to manage diversity within the work environment. To achieve this goal we need to look at the common misconceptions regarding diversity:

Employees aren't perfect but there are certain behaviours that can frustrate and demoralise the rest of the team.

The greatest managers are the ones who help their employees do their best. But how do you get your employees to be productive?

Constant change managers – this is the skill most required in leadership positions for businesses operating in the age of digital transformation.

The term “Manager” holds a different description in every organisation. For some, it is the bare minimum of managing resources and expenditures. For others, being a Manager means taking on the role of simply being the “boss.”

American writer, Warren Bennis, is quoted as saying that; “Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing”.

This article aims to create awareness of a human right often overlooked by both HR and Top Management.

Managers at middle and senior level have the power to make or break an organisation. Making sure they have the right skills to be effective is therefore critical.

An experienced manager with the right training and skills can be a tremendous boon to any organisation. Likewise, a bad manager can have the opposite effect.

Diversity management recognizes individual differences and demands respect for all cultures, gender, sexual orientations, age, religious/political beliefs, physical abilities or ideologies and races.

This article aims to create awareness of a human right often overlooked by both HR and Top Management.

Every year, South African companies spend millions on leadership development – sometimes sending top executives to leading institutions around the world at considerable expense – yet they neglect to consider that far more value could be achieved if they invested lower down the ladder.

Any discussion about solving South Africa’s challenges (or any country’s or organisation’s, for that matter) eventually comes back to the idea of leadership.