Transport Freight and Logistics Training

South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world. Whether the authorities will ever be able to reduce the accident and death rates is unlikely. Many of us drive relatively short distances on a day-to-day basis, with less opportunity to refine our long distance driving skills.

The MEC of Transport, Safety and Liaison, Weziwe Tikana, announced a partnership
between her department and the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) which will
benefit women in transportation in the Eastern Cape.

National carrier South African Airways (SAA) is investigating the possibility of
using the in-flight relief pilot programme as a meaningful contribution towards
the development of future pilots.

Is your organisation saving lives or costing them? If your company operates in the transport sector you cannot afford to jeopardise the safety of road users, or risk damaging your reputation permanently.

In an effort to promote careers in the rail and transport industry Prasa will be
awarding bursaries to deserving female learners in the Eastern Cape province. South
Africa is faced with a shortage of rail skills and the bursaries are expected to help
meet the demand.

South Africa should focus its efforts on becoming industry specialists in specific
sectors. This will set local professionals apart on the global stage and reap more
rewards for the economy.

The Department of Transport has urged law enforcement officials to adopt a zero tolerance policy when dealing with road transgressors. As concern was expressed at the continued high amount of deaths over the festive period.

The South African maritime industry has opened for business and has encouraged partnerships with those prepared to give local seafarers an opportunity to support international trade.

Representatives of the South African National Road Agency Limited and national Department of Transport held a summit with the aim of planning a roadmap that will ensure community road projects are reprioritised and are completed. The summit is also expected to adopt a declaration at its conclusion.

At the two-day road safety conference one of the key issues to emerge was that African countries needed to tighten their road traffic enforcement laws. It was also revealed that SA drivers were of the worst culprits for failing to comply with road safety regulations.

Transnet Freight Rail recently implemented the first train service to transport haematite products from Swaziland to South Africa?s Richards Bay. The service would stimulate job creation and increase capacity to meet Transnet?s market demand strategy.

Train services have been suspended on Metrorail routes following the vandalism and destruction of trains by angry commuters. The persons were upset due to the delay of trains due to bad weather conditions. Metrorail stated that it should be considered that the trains were outdated and prone to delays.

Investing in road infrastructure is important for the economic growth and development for the country. A large-scale infrastructure development plan would be made to build upon the already existing bulk infrastructure which would ensure a higher quality of transport, as many sectors rely on transport.

Africa needs an efficient transport system infrastructure if it is to achieve its development goals and grow economically. Many sectors depend on transport and it would also add to the competitiveness of African countries and poor transport is one of the main factors for these countries lagging behind first world countries.

The strategic role of transport as one of the drivers of growth in other sectors of the economy is expected to receive attention during October which has been declared Transport Month.