A new approach to training aims to close the gap between understanding and
implementing information, which boosts training return on investment, according to
Gerrit Cloete.

Research shows that training impacts the bottom line, and investment in employee
development helps drive business performance in every way that matters. Yet the
perennial question remains. Why do employees not perform after receiving training?

What does it take to develop skills and create a long-term job creation plan? A
by consulting firm Hatch Goba uncovers some of the challenges encountered on the
path to uplifting staff.

The Training Industry has announced its Top 20 Workforce Development Companies
List, as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best
providers of training services and technologies.

South African companies are realising the benefits of adopting open source
solutions in their operations but are often limited by a lack of trained staff.
However, Obsidian Systems provides a host of training offerings to address
the needs of any organisation irrespective of size and industry

Are you thinking of learning a new skill or taking up a hobby? Becoming a
learner again can be an intimidating task, but understanding how the learning
process works will help to eliminate some of the fears and frustrations
involved with learning.

What began as practical and professional training of the highest standard to
the IT and project management industry with two product offerings, has now
evolved to reach a broad range of individuals.

If you have ever attended a management development course or are
involved in such training, then you know what POLC stands for; yes planning,
leading, organising and controlling. Have you ever thought about how these
things are actually trained?

A state-of-the-art multi-purpose community centre is expected to be erected
in Groendal. The centre will have an indoor pitch, training and meeting rooms,
a resource centre, showers and kitchen facilities.

Tsibisa has entered into two exciting partnerships that have provided
opportunities to further skills development and support local entrepreneurship
in South Africa.



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