The benefits of training outweigh the initial financial outlay. Its impact on
productivity, staff retention and even customer retention will mean positive returns
for the business long after training has ended.

Members of staff from the Afrikaanse Taal-en Kultuurvereniging have broadened their knowledge and their value to the company having recently completed a comprehensive business course, involving two key interventions, delivered by iLearn.

Before developing a training strategy in the workplace there are a few questions you
should ask. A great place to start is by identifying business goals and ensuring that
the organizational structure supports the business objectives.

AlwaysOn-Learning is a world first education solution that promotes the concept of
AlwaysOn-Learning and caters for three primary pillars in education -
institution/educator, learner and parent.

Northlink College opened a Lifestyle Clothing Store. The college is the first in the
South African FET College sector to make such a big move. This store holds
promotional apparel and accessories for both staff and students.

CityVarsity students have proved their worth in esteemed international competitions and have racked up awards like the Author?s Choice Award in the Dark Green Books short Film and Video Competition 2012. It attracted thousands of candidates across the globe to create artistic videos to be uploaded on to Youtube.

Is there a place and a time where you can be completely alone and quiet in your life?
Emotional and spiritual intelligence is fundamental to personal growth and success but
this can only take place through constant reflection and meditation.

There are unskilled and uneducated people in the workplace who require basic skills
training such as numeracy, computer literacy, soft skills communications or
bookkeeping which can quite easily be delivered in the work environment.

There are many benefits to training an employee. In fact training staff is not
only beneficial to you, but it is also beneficial to your customer base. In an
engaging video presentation experienced corporate trainer, Angela Huffmon
provides us with the top five reasons to train an employee.

So your company has chosen to be one of the many, many businesses in South Africa that trains their staff, but how are you going to ensure you get the best possible result on the day?



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