Johannesburg, Gauteng March 5, 2008 The Coaches Training Institute (South Africa) ("CTI-ZA') announced that it has introduced a No-Risk Guarantee for its Co-active Fundamentals Program in South Africa.

CTI's pioneering Co-Active model is founded on the core principle that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face

The National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA), a MICROmega Holdings Ltd company, and Africa?s largest provider of occupational risk management services is proud announce the recent license agreement with UK based company Corporate Health and Safety Solutions (CHSS)

Adding to governments mandate to create and attract critical skills, 261 Tshwane Metro Police recruits have received National Certificates in Policing (NQF Level 5). The Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality is the first to pilot outcomes-based NQF Level 5 qualification for its metro police officers.

As the skills shortage bites, companies are not only boosting training budgets but bringing trainers into their offices rather than sending employees out
A fast growing economy with dramatic skills shortages has seen companies and government boost training budgets -

It has been with some degree of interest that we have observed the "flood' of training activity that has revolved around the development of Assessor and Moderator capacity in organizations over the last few years. Admittedly these two roles are vital in the context of the NQF system - particularly in terms of preserving standards and quality within education, training and development.

Consciousness Coaching® is based on the fundamental belief that you have within you all the potential resources you need to achieve the things you desire. Awakening these potentials and developing them into skills and powers is one of the aims of coaching.

Sacha Sorrell from Real Training gives their perspective on coaching.

Holistic Advancement look into the various stages of learning, and explain how their product will help to engage your workforce with their workplace in a new and more productive way.

In the knowledge economy, companies are increasingly faced with a rapidly changing business environment, dictated in part by globalisation that in turn enforces an adapt-or-die marketplace.



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