Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls will be lead by Melvin King, who was
recently appointed as Head of the Academy. His commitment to the process of
transformation on sporting and educational associations has gained him a reputation
for being a true nation builder.

The Association for Private Providers in the Education, Training and Development
Sector (APPETD) announced their latest board appointment, Linda Ingram, who boasts
years experience in education and training sector.

The concept of using funny corporate training videos to educate staff is relatively
new to the South African market. [email protected] offers this unique service to
companies who are look for a new way to implement training in the workplace.

Are you looking for a training tool that will really grab your audience? Research shows
that people retain information far better when it?s communicated visually, which is one
of the many advantages of using video in training.

The Western Cape Department of Communication Safety has expressed its delight preliminary figures from the Northlink College and Department of Community Safety partnership. These figures show that the youth in crime-affected areas are eager to educated themselves and in doing so improving their standard of life.

The ICT initiative launched by Northlink College will allow students to be more mobile
and allow them to gain practical experience with the latest software and hardware in
the industry. This will give graduates the upper hand when applying for jobs in the ICT

The benefits of training outweigh the initial financial outlay. Its impact on
productivity, staff retention and even customer retention will mean positive returns
for the business long after training has ended.

Members of staff from the Afrikaanse Taal-en Kultuurvereniging have broadened their knowledge and their value to the company having recently completed a comprehensive business course, involving two key interventions, delivered by iLearn.

Before developing a training strategy in the workplace there are a few questions you
should ask. A great place to start is by identifying business goals and ensuring that
the organizational structure supports the business objectives.

To ensure that the open source skills within an organisation are well balanced,
Obsidian and CTU will provide training that empowers technical resources and end
users to effectively and efficiently use the Open Source applications and services
within their IT environments.


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