The IMM Business School, is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through professional, interactive training programmes and we also offer a wide range of dynamic, innovative and engaging programmes.

The online system is more cost effective than classroom or paper based learning and this method of learning is suitable for home study and corporate employees.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is an individual award in recognition of a person’s outstanding contributions to the Learning & Development sector.

There is a dire need for skills development in South Africa and local training provider Talent of Tomorrow aims to meet this need by equipping leaders with the right skills.

Cloud computing and mobile business solutions are clearing the way for companies to
be more agile and efficient in the way that they use technology to support their
training efforts.

Providing training and development opportunities for employees is a critical part of the
business process. Do you want to grow your company? Start by preparing your people
for the challenges ahead.

Google the words "how to choose a training provider’ and you come up with over 4
million hits, that is a lot of advice readily available. So why then does this remain an
on-going thorn-in-the-side for many Training Managers?

Many corporates spend a large amount on skills development or training, without
considering whether their employees are being sent on the correct training at the
right time.

SmartReading is a proven quick reading and advanced study method, which has been
in existence since 1991 along with its own European patent. Today, thousands of
people use SmartReading as their preferred reading method.

The productivity workshop will focus on helping entrepreneurs, business owners,
executives, managers, their teams and support staff to increase their productivity
and quality of life with as little effort as possible.

On-the-job performance support solutions have emerged as a powerful supplement or
alternative to classroom based training and e-learning for companies that want to
drive higher return on investment (ROI) from new business systems and processes.

IndigoCube's accreditation as a training provider for the National Certificate: Business
Analysis qualification has been renewed by the Media, Information and Communication
Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA).

A new approach to training aims to close the gap between understanding and
implementing information, which boosts training return on investment, according to
Gerrit Cloete.

Research shows that training impacts the bottom line, and investment in employee
development helps drive business performance in every way that matters. Yet the
perennial question remains. Why do employees not perform after receiving training?

What does it take to develop skills and create a long-term job creation plan? A
by consulting firm Hatch Goba uncovers some of the challenges encountered on the
path to uplifting staff.

Under the dynamic leadership and extensive industry experience of Celia Gaylard, FTI
is gearing for the repositioning and growth of its Quality Assurance and Testing
portfolio over the next 12 months.

The Training Industry has announced its Top 20 Workforce Development Companies
List, as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best
providers of training services and technologies.

We continually ask our businesses to find a budget for learning and
development yet we seldom if ever, show value for what we do in the learning
space. Darryn Van Den Berg talks about return on investment.

Helping your employees understand that training is an investment in their
future with the company helps them to be more open and responsive to the
training itself.

The top achieving students at False Bay College received recognition for their
hard work during an Annual Awards and Diploma Ceremony. A total of 95
students received certificates and prizes.

South African companies are realising the benefits of adopting open source
solutions in their operations but are often limited by a lack of trained staff.
However, Obsidian Systems provides a host of training offerings to address
the needs of any organisation irrespective of size and industry

Learners received the opportunity to engage with the Alcatel-Lucent
team and learn about various career paths such as Pre-sales, Sales, Finance,
Human Resources, Communications and Marketing.


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