Distance eLearning

Distance elearning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using electronic communication. Below are details of elearning companies in South Africa, who offer a range of training courses and elearning programs in South Africa.

The role of human resource professionals has just been made easier with the help of a
new elearning employment equity training kit. Through this kit more employees will
come to know and understand important workplace issues such as sexual harassment
and bullying.

A new blended learning programme launched by Netcare Education serves to equip
prospective nursing candidates with academic and personal skills to enhance their
capabilities. Students are offered additional support through a complementary
counselling service.

Information Technology is typically associated with the efficient running of
within the company, however IT management is much more than that. Good IT
departments are more concerned with facilitating systems and technologies in
that contribute to and support the strategic goals of the business.

Working efficiently will always produce greater results, as being proficient yields bigger
profits. There are many ways to improve efficiency in the office without having to put
a firewall on social networks, or ban cellphones

South Africa faces an IT skills gap so large that organisations outsource professionals.
The Creative Technology Hub will take a proactive approach to answering this
shortage by developing skills through its internship programme.

Despite South Africa being one of the world's top exporters. With it's mineral
resources being important to industries around the world. South Africa?s tertiary
production industry still renders the import of finished goods vital to economic growth.

Read through the checklist of PR best practices created by GetSmarter. If you can?t
tick any of these boxes, perhaps it?s time to reassess your public relations strategy
for the year ahead.

You may feel that the time to follow a different career path has passed or
that to pursue a new profession at this point would require too many years of tertiary
study. Short courses may be the answer you are looking for.

Businesses who adopt a green approach to minimising its carbon footprint are reaping the rewards as well. Markets show that consumers respond to brands with a green approach which can improve the sustainability of companies.

There are many companies who are sceptical about the use and success of online
learning programmes. However, e-learning is showing great growth in emerging
markets, where it is being recognised as a cost-effective solution to up skilling a fast-
growing workforce.

Coaching is an essential part of achieving the maximum performance levels from your
employees. As a collaborative process, corporate coaching involves a relationship
based on mutual respect and rapport, in which individual skills and abilities are
recognised rather than diminished.

There are seven elements of management that every manager needs to know and
understand in order to effectively perform their role in business.Richard Rayne,
Managing Director of iLearn, explains the 7M's of management.

Dac Systems, a national specialist services provider focused on turnkey implementations of leading edge industry solutions, in association with leading industry partners, Dell, Microsoft and Nokia, will officially launch a collaborative education solution called AlwaysOn-Learning

Van Schaik Book stores has launched a unique new e-textbook offering that provides an interactive educational tool for students. This new development will become a tool for educational engagement using embedded media such as audio and video.

Shared, open knowledge is increasingly being made available worldwide through e-
learning. This is something that could make a great impact on the accessibility of
tertiary education in South Africa if implemented by our schools and universities

The move toward anchoring university course delivery in modern interactive online technology is aligned with international trends and marks a turning point for tertiary education in South Africa.

Some argue that "generation Y' will no longer relate to the type of teaching their
parents experienced. According to Kirsty Chadwick the learning of the future is going
to resemble a video game more than it will a textbook.

Job seekers and working professionals must face a fast-paced, dynamic work
environment. As technological advancements and online innovation continue to
shape the
current job market, professionals are forced to become flexible while specializing in
their niche area.

The education sector will in 2013 undergo some innovative transformation as blended learning is integrated in schools. This new method of learning consists of self-paced learning with shorter face-to-face instruction.

The Entrepreneurs? Organisation is a membership-based global organisation of over 8000 successful business owners. Having been launched in 2010 during the peak of the economic crisis it has grown in leaps and bounds to establish itself as the second fastest growing chapter in the world.

A hybrid learning model better known as 'blended learning' will be needed to deliver
education across the country. Blended learning is an integrated approach to
education that combines traditional in-class face-to-face learning methods with online

Technology could be the answer to improving education standards within the country as it would introduce learning methods to students who often learn at a different pace and differently in general. Advancements in education would improve the skills shortages within SA and strengthen the economy.

E-learning is a new dimension of learning which can be useful for both individuals and
businesses across the globe. It may be within the best interest of every business to
clearly understand :what is e-learning? There are huge benefits to making use of e-

Changing business environments demand skilled and knowledgeable employees. HR professionals are encouraged to look for flexible training programmes that add value by improving practical application in the workplace.

E-learning provides a compelling solution to the increasingly difficult demands that businesses face on a day to day basis. Speed, simplicity and cost-effectiveness are just some of the benefits of e-learning that companies of all sizes can enjoy.


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