Distance eLearning

Distance elearning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using electronic communication. Below are details of elearning companies in South Africa, who offer a range of training courses and elearning programs in South Africa.

The former Executive Director at Metropolitan Life and current CEO of Lion of Africa Life Assurance Company, who has served as Chairman at The Training Room Online since August 2011, will bring his extensive leadership experience to the strategic running of the company starting 1 January 2013.

Bill Gates recently predicted that the web could overtake conventional ways for students to learn in the near future and that place-based learning would be less important. This could be additionally important for Africa as a large amount of students already depend on technology.

The combination of instructor-led and online training is the best approach to learning and to equipping people with the necessary skills to add immediate value to the market. An issue businesses often sit with in terms of deploying a learning solution is a lack of flexibility and scalability.

Amid an economic climate of uncertainty, perpetuated through worldwide market decline and downsizing, one South African company is championing the value of flexible onsite and online training options to empower individuals and help companies compete.

To succeed in a multi-cultural society, businesses should acknowledge the diverse population, respect the individuality of employees and customers, and maintain an environment where everyone is treated with respect. Effective communication will help businesses achieve this goal.

Whether your workplace can be described as a modern office or whether you operate in a typical factory set up there are some basic guidelines every employer should follow when developing the company?s occupational health and safety plan.

If you can identify a product that is produced particularly well in your country, but does not yet exist in a country where it will be demanded, this provides a perfect business opportunity. Pierre Heistein talks about the purpose and benefits of trade.

The planning and execution of important events demands meticulous attention to detail and places great responsibility on the person or company engaged to manage them. Peta Daniel provides some pointers to producing the perfect event.

Dwindling job security and a rising cost of living is prompting more people to seriously consider the viability of starting their own business. But is a home-based business in fact a smart move? Greg Evans says evaluating your potential business needs is the first step to answering that question.

Many companies have a lot of training material but not enough people to deliver it. Putting material online means you can reach more people and upskill your workforce with fewer resources. This is one of the many benefits included in the Learnscape training programme offered by Aspire Solutions.

An innovative elearning initiative is bringing the classroom into the business environment and giving employers a cost-effective way to train employees in VAT and tax operations.

In the globalised world, it is not uncommon to wear American jeans while eating Thai food and reading a French magazine. While consumers take this level of variety for granted, those involved in the dynamic world of import and export management know how complex the process of international trade can be.

Failing to take account of the financial demands that must be met in order to allow you to grow from a small operator into a fully-fledged events manager is a common problem. These tips will help you manage your budget successfully.

As a photographer, you are tasked with making your client’s memories tangible - a monumentally important job. Opportunities in the field are virtually boundless. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to harness your creativity to produce beautiful photography.

The problem with many websites is that they do not effectively utilise search engine optimisation (SEO). Here are some tips to help you attract potential customers to your website by using search engine tools.

A successful marketer has a few tricks up their sleeve. In an industry brimming with creativity and fluctuating demands, marketers must be able to adapt and deliver. Here are some tools every new age marketer should possess.

In today?s tough market conditions, ensuring that a company?s resources are utilised in a way that maximises efficiency is critical to its success and profitability. Greg Evans talks about the role that project management plays in reaching this objective.

In project management, the aim is always to achieve the project?s goal while working within the time and resource constraints and capitalising on those things that are available to you. Here are the five stages of project management.

When it comes to online communication do you have a strategy? Companies who fail to plan their communication are prone to missing the mark. Follow these steps to ensure you hit the right target market everytime.

Exorbitant travel costs are forcing companies to seek new ways of up skilling staff. To meet this need Byte People Solutions has launched a real-time training centre at its headquarters which allows participants across the country to access live instructor-led training programmes.

No matter what your thoughts are on the topic of technology in the classroom, the digital revolution in education is already happening. As an educator it's time to either get with the programme or get left behind.

Today a manager?s role is not just about overseeing a department and keeping an eye on the bottom line, it is increasingly about building relationships with staff. Amy-Jane Louw talks about how nurturing healthy relationships will ultimately retain employees.

Rewarding your employees is important as it will help them to stay motivated and competitive, and can act as a sort of training tool, showing them what kind of behaviour is met with rewards, and what isn?t.

The modern-day office has become a very demanding place that requires more efficient processes, clearer communication and better solutions. Here are 4 important skills that every office administrator needs to be successful.

Payroll management software has made it incredibly simple for just about anyone to fulfil this vital role within a business - but there are pitfalls to this approach. The following tips can be applied in your business to help you avoid setbacks.


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