Distance eLearning

Distance elearning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using electronic communication. Below are details of elearning companies in South Africa, who offer a range of training courses and elearning programs in South Africa.

In the globalised world, it is not uncommon to wear American jeans while eating Thai food and reading a French magazine. While consumers take this level of variety for granted, those involved in the dynamic world of import and export management know how complex the process of international trade can be.

Failing to take account of the financial demands that must be met in order to allow you to grow from a small operator into a fully-fledged events manager is a common problem. These tips will help you manage your budget successfully.

As a photographer, you are tasked with making your client’s memories tangible - a monumentally important job. Opportunities in the field are virtually boundless. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to harness your creativity to produce beautiful photography.

The problem with many websites is that they do not effectively utilise search engine optimisation (SEO). Here are some tips to help you attract potential customers to your website by using search engine tools.

A successful marketer has a few tricks up their sleeve. In an industry brimming with creativity and fluctuating demands, marketers must be able to adapt and deliver. Here are some tools every new age marketer should possess.

In today?s tough market conditions, ensuring that a company?s resources are utilised in a way that maximises efficiency is critical to its success and profitability. Greg Evans talks about the role that project management plays in reaching this objective.

In project management, the aim is always to achieve the project?s goal while working within the time and resource constraints and capitalising on those things that are available to you. Here are the five stages of project management.

When it comes to online communication do you have a strategy? Companies who fail to plan their communication are prone to missing the mark. Follow these steps to ensure you hit the right target market everytime.

Exorbitant travel costs are forcing companies to seek new ways of up skilling staff. To meet this need Byte People Solutions has launched a real-time training centre at its headquarters which allows participants across the country to access live instructor-led training programmes.

No matter what your thoughts are on the topic of technology in the classroom, the digital revolution in education is already happening. As an educator it's time to either get with the programme or get left behind.

Today a manager?s role is not just about overseeing a department and keeping an eye on the bottom line, it is increasingly about building relationships with staff. Amy-Jane Louw talks about how nurturing healthy relationships will ultimately retain employees.

Rewarding your employees is important as it will help them to stay motivated and competitive, and can act as a sort of training tool, showing them what kind of behaviour is met with rewards, and what isn?t.

The modern-day office has become a very demanding place that requires more efficient processes, clearer communication and better solutions. Here are 4 important skills that every office administrator needs to be successful.

Payroll management software has made it incredibly simple for just about anyone to fulfil this vital role within a business - but there are pitfalls to this approach. The following tips can be applied in your business to help you avoid setbacks.

What is the definition of a manager? Many people take on the role of a manager without realizing it, while others are thrust into a position of leadership without any formal training. If you find yourself in a position of power follow these useful tips.

Brand power has the potential to save businesses, attract and retain customers and effectively wipe out the competition. Coca-Cola's notorious marketing error proves that the power of a brand should never be underestimated.

Media skills such as blogging, online reaserch, basic coding and the ability to reconfigure images in photshop have become a necessity for professionals in the media, PR and management fields. Anna provides insight on these new age skills.

A new interactive labour law community has been born. Created through the combined efforts of the UCT Law@work unit and GetSmarter this exclusive online club will feature video tutorials and a modern discussion platform allowing members to interact with labour law experts.

Today's fast-paced business environment requires a level of performance and far-sightedness that only a corporate coach can bring. Corporate coaching skills are now in high demand as businesses seek to become more efficient and reflective and Getsmarter?s coaching course aims to meet that demand.

Virtual classrooms are no longer a pipe dream or a farfetched theory but are fast becoming the most practical solution to the challenges that training providers face in delivering a variety of courses to different regions. Learners can now interact with trainers without incurring the costs of travelling.

The development of an academic mobi-site known as MyAcademic has been labelled a breakthrough in e-learning technology. The site, the first of its kind for South African students is the mobile offering of the successful space for students and educators who wish to access and share academic information.

Matrics who don't have the opportunity to study further should thoughtfully review the many alternatives, when planning for the future. Anna Malczyk highlights four options available to schools leavers that could be the entryway to a prosperous career.

Investment can be a profitable yet tricky exercise. If you are in the market to invest and don't know where to begin follow these five simple tips to getting you started on the right investment path.

Continuous learning and personal development are integral to the success of business professionals in the 21st century and every accomplished individual knows that embracing these concepts is step one to achieving any goal. Have you made lifelong learning a priority for 2012?

There is more to setting financial targets then adding more zero's to the totals from the previous year, issues such as organisational growth and creating genuine wealth should be thoroughly researched before planning your 2012 financial goals says Anna Malczyk.


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