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The TechnoGirl programme is at the frontline of a process that will contribute towards women participating meaningfully in the mainstream economy in careers that are predominantly dominated by men, says Department of Women Deputy Director-General, Annette Griessel.

With unemployment rates at a whopping 27.1% in the second quarter of 2018, the current state of the economy and 51.7% of the South African population being female, it is important for women to be granted opportunities in what is traditionally viewed as male-dominated industries, such as trade and manufacturing.

Skills development in the field of supply chain and operations management, whilst definitely needed, can often interfere with the day to day operations of a business.

Marketing is a key business tool of the 21st Century, which makes knowledgeable marketers an indispensable part of the modern workforce.

Body language offers remarkable insights that can be used to improve organisational culture, employee motivation and so much more.

The paralegal career or any legal career for that matter, comes with a lot of stress, responsibility, patience and unceasing hard work.

With more than 15 years at the forefront of coach education in the country, SACAP (the South African College of Applied Psychology) has announced the launch of its first online short coaching course.

UCT has launched a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the rise of fintech and fintech regulation in emerging markets that will broaden the number of people able to access knowledge and expertise in this fast-growing new field.

The long-term success of financial service providers lies in consumers understanding of the financial products they offer, says Finance Deputy Minister Mondli Gungubele.

Leadership identification and development continues to be one of the most pressing business issues keeping executives awake at night.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) announced the launch of a one-year intensive African Master’s in Machine Intelligence (AMMI) in partnership with Facebook and Google . The master’s will begin this September at the AIMS-Rwanda campus in Kigali.

When you are asked “What business are you in?” or “What do you do?” and you answer in a short 30 second statement about yourself and your business, while capturing their attention and interest

With the continued expansion of the tourism and hospitality industry in South Africa and the rest of Africa, prospective students are increasingly opting to qualify for a career in this industry, an expert says.

South Africa’s precarious economic outlook hit home this year for companies searching for top talent, with a significant drop in the percentage increase offered to lure and secure the best leaders compared to previous years, an expert says.

The greatest challenge that the accounting and auditing profession faces today is investing in the education and training that is needed to keep up with the change of pace in the environment. Advances in technology and digitization has led to the industry requiring a different set of skills than what many of today’s professional accountants have been equipped with. 

Did you know that only 10% of the South African population speaks English as their first language, and yet virtually all customer service agents and front-line staff have to use English extensively in their jobs.

The automotive industry has many divisions. Perhaps one of the lesser known areas is the Finance and Insurance (F&I) sector.

KwaZulu-Natal's Nadeem Hoosen, Renisha Arjoon and Nondumiso Priscilla Mthimkhulu were a true reflection of the quotation “seeking education is the growth individual and the foundation of the nation

Through social media, one is able to more effectively and intimately interact with others however, these digital platforms also act as disrupters to the real world, which often compete for your time and energy.


Think about the evolution of communication - from receiving communication via letters to talking directly with the person over a telephone; back again to writing letters but sending it via email and mobile text messages.

What do Desmond Tutu, Oliver Tambo, Athol Fugard and Robert Sobukwe have in common, apart from their dedication to freedom in South Africa?

Marketing is a fast-paced and exciting industry. It is perfect for people who are efficient, decisive and strategic.

Many businesses do not realise that a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service doesn’t work anymore. In today’s competitive marketplace, consumers have various channels, media choices, and products to choose from, resulting in higher expectations and new standards of personalisation.

We are in the midst of a skills revolution where soft skills continue to be in demand for their broad application and stability, as technical skills continue to shift over time and their lifespan becomes shorter.

A promotion to a management position is something to be celebrated yet many first time managers are often reluctant to step into this new role. Here are some of the reasons why.


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