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The Skills Portal gives you access to over 200 skills training companies, also known as training providers, in South Africa. These skills and training providers offer over 14,000 different training courses and training programs.

Project communication is the most visible of all project deliverables. Philip Yazbeck, senior consultant, at management consulting firm Bizmod says that if the stakeholder perception is that project communication was ineffective, all the hard work that went on behind the scenes can quickly be overlooked.

We’ve seen it again and again. The HR departments that get the best results from their skills training always do nearly all of the following.

Rapid innovation and disruption are leaving stagnant bricks and mortar companies in their wake. To succeed in the new economy, companies are now forced to rapidly build and nurture their greatest assets – their staff and, in particular, their senior and upper management.

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) engineering degree, through the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), is a 100% online (but a live online) alternative to brick-and-mortar training institutions.

For many years, direct selling has had a bad rap. Perceptions haven’t shifted much from an image of a man in a hat on a doorstep with a pile of encyclopaedias or the intrusive knock as you sit down for dinner.

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has announced that all construction projects for new coal power plants will be cancelled, effective immediately.

As a new year progresses, companies the world over are exploring better ways to develop and engage their staff, inculcate purposeful leadership and implement calculated management strategies.

Technological innovations have spurred the evolution of the modern business environment by changing workplace strategies and processes, in order to take advantage of available tools and opportunities.

“Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice”. These are the wise words of Steve Jobs, one of the greatest entrepreneurs that ever lived. He highlighted that there is one important voice that we need to pay attention to, our inner voice; this is the true “voice of leadership”

“Generation Pairing” is not only a buzz-phrase but also a 2017 business trend worth considering.

computer skills matter

Computers are everywhere and being able to use them effectively is incredibly important. You might want to consider taking a computer course to fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

why communication skills matter

Communication skills are a vital part of applying for a job and running a business. Let's take a look at why communication skills matter.

Miscommunication is a common problem in many areas of our lives and is often amplified in the work environment. Corlia Boshoff, Visual Communicator at management consulting firm Bizmod says that an instruction or message can often be completely misconstrued, or misunderstood to the point where the implementation can go seriously wrong.

Recent research revealed that half of US employees who quit their jobs, leave because of a bad boss.

Are you currently involved in a project or called to manage one in the future? This project management tool is a must have for any planner.

Low APS score? Don’t stress. You can qualify to register for a AAA degree by completing the AAA Foundation Programme.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says most medical doctors, including interns, do not prefer facilities selected for community service due to their rural nature.

Millennials and the technology-infused world, in which they live and work, are without a doubt creating a stir within the traditional customer engagement model. New, future-thinking models of engagement are needed if brands are hoping to claim their slice of the Millennial Pie.

Ask any manager and they’ll tell you their job isn’t easy. If being a manager was easy, everyone would do it.

Knowing how to effectively manage your suppliers is a skill that must be developed over time, follow these time tested tips to start improving your purchasing decisions today.

As businesses, both large and small, become more digital and move into the world of online, the modern call centre is often the initial, and in some cases the single point of customer contact

The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CertBA) syllabus has been updated and assessments under the updated syllabus will commence on 11 January 2017.

A modern leadership training style involves encouraging business leaders to accept and value their innate strengths and capabilities and to see these things as resources to apply in the pursuit of their aspirations. They must learn that they are much more capable than they think, and that there are many more options available to them to help them meet their goals.

The talent acquisition wish-list is clear. Innovative thinking is a key requirement of directors looking for senior management ready to embrace change and harness new ideas.


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