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The Skills Portal gives you access to over 200 skills training companies, also known as training providers, in South Africa. These skills and training providers offer over 14,000 different training courses and training programs.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that’s constantly changing, the only strategy that’s guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

Visual aids have the potential to enhance your message, but they can also ruin your presentation if used inappropriately.

SACAP (the South African College of Applied Psychology) has announced that the 7th annual Festival of Learning will be held in Johannesburg on 17th and 18th of May, and in Cape Town on 24th and 25th of May 2018. 

While all interviews can seem overwhelming and intimidating, interviewing for a management-level job is usually quite different from the usual job interview that most of us have experienced.

It’s already well-known that book smarts can help you in business, but did you know your emotional intelligence may be just as vital to your success? Sheer charisma has catapulted more than one aspiring mogul to entrepreneurial success—just ask Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bezos.

The Standard Bank Tutuwa Community Foundation and ATI partnership is well underway to help meet the country’s demand for more qualified tradespeople.

Despite the prominence of digital transformation in every facet of our lives, most organisations, including those that are considered ‘ahead of the game’, say that their leadership pipeline and existing leaders are not yet prepared to fully tackle the challenges of digital transformation.

If you are considering a career in the welding industry, it is important to know the differences between a welding engineer and a certified welder.

The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) supported 45 high school learners in Port Elizabeth as they took part in the iGEMS water engineering competition earlier this week.

One of South Africa’s leading digital marketing businesses – Mark1 has launched a first of its kind in-house training programme that provides young creative minds with on-the-job training

Because the business world is seen as a serious place, it is commonly believed that leaders should remain professional by adopting a sense of seriousness and determination.

With the rapid and sustained growth of the fintech sector in East Africa, in particular in Kenya, there has been a sharp rise in demand for skilled leaders to fill positions, 

The trade test is the last stage in the journey to becoming a fully qualified artisan.

Sixty percent of South Africa’s youth have never worked a day in their lives. To help plug this gap, young South Africans are encouraged to pursue unconventional career options that guarantee employment. They do exist.

project management provides leadership

My clients often ask me "why is project management important?" because to them, hiring a project manager just seems like an unnecessary expense which they think they can do themselves. It is a valid question, one which I definitely struggled with myself when I was first getting started.

Do you want to pursue a career in the digital space? Learning how to code is an important first step.

According to the recent Finnovating for Africa report released by media and research company Disrupt Africa, Africa is already home to more than 300 Fintech startups

In a bid tackle unemployment among the youth, Tourism Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe recently officiated at the Hospitality Youth Training Programme (HYTP) graduation ceremony of 83 learners in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth.

During our Leadership Development Programmes, presented over the years, The Mindspa Institute identified four things leaders lay awake at night and ponder over. In this article we want to help you manage your nightmares with these 4 solutions:

As business operations evolve, so have accounting positions. You’ll be surprised at how accounting has changed from being the more traditional, managerial or financial accounting that is purely math-based to a more digitised approach that includes human involvement.

There are some basic skills that every person must master to live a successful and productive life. These are known as life skills and they are critical to every human life regardless of age or culture.

Despite the rising popularity of remote working across the globe, this trend is still not a possibility for many people.

Artisan Training Institute extends support to public training institutions in Lesotho and Swaziland.

Personal effectiveness refers to making the best use of your time and making use of the resources at your disposal, in order to perform to the best of your ability in your workplace.

Anxiety and enthusiasm are direct traits of leaders who truly care. Let’s face it; you are either too worried or too excited to sleep at night.


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