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The Skills Portal gives you access to over 200 skills training companies, also known as training providers, in South Africa. These skills and training providers offer over 14,000 different training courses and training programs.

South Africa’s economy does not rank highly amongst the powerhouse economies of the world. 

The internet has given us access to an overwhelming amount of information. Sorting through and narrowing in on the information you need can be a challenge.

Brenda Tsolo has a dream. With more than 15 years of experience in contact centres, she knows the sector is ideally positioned to create job opportunities for unemployed, young South Africans. 

The workplace of the future is here, changing rapidly, enabled by new tech and progressive thinking.

Thanks to Industry 4.0, globalisation and rapid digitalisation, today’s consumers are very connected and mobile.  How does this impact the hospitality industry?

Whether you’re leading the charge in a larger organisation or a lone ranger embarking on your solopreneur journey, the reality is that you not always going to have access to a massive marketing budget. 

It is not about looks or popularity. It is also not about power. Some leaders are lucky enough to have all of these, but it is not the core of what leadership is about

In the ever-changing world of technology, it may seem that professional accountants have become somewhat obsolete. 

Over decades, Human Resource Management (HRM) has transformed from a largely administrative function into a dynamic, multi-faceted and rich role in the business, which today, is at play throughout the organisation.

If you tell someone how great they are and constantly remind them of their strengths, you make them feel better about themselves.

Work to renovate the Orkney hotel school, which will be used to train and develop the youth, has begun said the North West Department of Tourism.

Firms benefit when executives take a total break, so get lost, all you CEO’s says Annelize van Rensburg.

Call centres are much like governments or sports referees. When they are good, nobody comments, but when they are bad, they dominate conversations.

Fabienne Perreux, a certified ICF (International Coach Federation) and COMENSA (Coach and Mentor South Africa) coach is also a graduate of SACAP’s (South African College of Applied Psychology)

As part of government efforts to create safer communities, Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams led a cyber security awareness campaign in Eersterust, Pretoria on Friday.

The ‘corporate jungle’ is hardly a flattering term for the management suite, but some similarities have to be acknowledged. Survival is a vital issue in both scenarios. Predatory instincts can be an asset along with the ability to mark and defend territory when necessary.

Whenever a company embarks on a process to create a culture that delights customers and creates loyalty, we usually recognise four very distinct phases in the process:

Efforts to use nuclear science and technology for human development must include an element on skills development for women and the youth, says Energy Deputy Minister Thembisile Majola.

For anyone wanting an exceptional career in the financial services sector, the African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management (AIFMRM) in the Faculty of Commerce at UCT has developed something of a reputation as the go-to place.  

Over the past three years, there has been a consistent year-on-year increase in the number of professionals who would consider leaving the country. 

No job is safe, no future secure. That’s the new normal as executives in both the private and public sectors confront a disturbing reality – retrenchment.

Emotional Intelligence has become an important aspect of leadership as more people demand compassion and understanding from their superiors.

Every company assumes they have a successful customer service department. But when businesses assume so, they very seldom spend money on improvement. 

Isn’t it just mind-numbingly boring to sit and listen to someone you can’t relate to? Staring at that person standing on a stage ranting on and on about something that absolutely does nothing to motivate you?

New research from the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) shows 25% of African MBA applicants – who are mostly millennials– ‘are interested in social impact and innovation


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