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Supply chain management concerns itself with recognising, acknowledging and managing key business linkages and relationships. To achieve this, collaboration is the order of the day. But while collaboration is an admirable business objective, it can prove difficult to attain.

Computers have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. And they will most likely be a part of our lives for years to come, with a few upgrades every now and then.

“Leading by fear gets things done! You know how ‘they’ are, if they see any sign of weakness they take chances “.

Someone once said, that no one is ever too busy to tell you just how busy they are.

Final touches are being made to an all-women 50-day conservation adventure from South Africa into Southern Africa.

Even students who have graduated with flying colours are not fully prepared for the demands of the workplace.

Communication is an essential part of everyday life. We communicate our emotions, our thoughts, our needs and information we deem as necessary to share with someone else. 

South African Airways’ (SAA) loyalty programme Voyager, ensured several young female learners from sub-Saharan Africa, were able to experience a remarkable week of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in Johannesburg. This was made possible by Taungana Africa and Voyager customers who donated their miles to fly 12 of the Zambian and Zimbabwean participants to South Africa.

Many managers often have their hands full. And dealing with issues in the workplace is one of the things that often take full priority.

Having been “raised” in companies with healthy talent planning processes, one can easily take for granted the benefits of having a bench of strong internal candidates and few talent crises.  

Science and Technology Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane will on 23 August pay homage to women in the industry in honour of late struggle stalwart Mama Albertina Sisulu.

Technology has given us many advantages but it has also exposed us to dangerous and illegal activities.

Are you thinking about joining the insurance industry? Find out why people need insurance and how it works.

Choosing a career can be difficult. There are so many options that face you, that it can be tricky to make a decision. 

Do you want to have control over your learning programme? Elearning courses give you the flexibility and control that you need.

South Africa already faces well-known challenges in its education system, felt nowhere more strongly than in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

The business presentation is a crucial aspect of a new or prospecting business opportunity. Whether it’s internal or external, a business presentation is always important and something that should be conducted in a professional manner. 

Living in the mobile era means we have access to absolutely everything right at our fingertips – from transport to food, right down to shopping for clothes. Mobile has completely revolutionised the way we live our lives, including the way we learn.

Leaderex, Africa’s largest gathering of business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs, returns to Johannesburg on 4 September 2018.

The TechnoGirl programme is at the frontline of a process that will contribute towards women participating meaningfully in the mainstream economy in careers that are predominantly dominated by men, says Department of Women Deputy Director-General, Annette Griessel.

With unemployment rates at a whopping 27.1% in the second quarter of 2018, the current state of the economy and 51.7% of the South African population being female, it is important for women to be granted opportunities in what is traditionally viewed as male-dominated industries, such as trade and manufacturing.

Skills development in the field of supply chain and operations management, whilst definitely needed, can often interfere with the day to day operations of a business.

Marketing is a key business tool of the 21st Century, which makes knowledgeable marketers an indispensable part of the modern workforce.

Body language offers remarkable insights that can be used to improve organisational culture, employee motivation and so much more.

The paralegal career or any legal career for that matter, comes with a lot of stress, responsibility, patience and unceasing hard work.


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