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Irrespective of your own thoughts or expectations, great customer service is only great if your customer believes it is. So how do you know what great service means to your customers? Have you ever tried asking them? Des Squire looks at the concept.

We live in an environment plagued with a legacy of third world poverty and for millions of people, it's a daily way of life. There is a constant feeling of being torn between a modern society and with another, quite primitive. We are constantly challenged as human beings as to what it is that we can do to try and dent the enormous poverty barrier we are faced with in South Africa. A legacy of apartheid days that our current business generation needs to take equal responsibility for.

Inspectors have swooped a whopping 391 workplaces throughout KwaZulu-Natal employing 6 886 employees during its hospitality blitz inspections.

A technology conference aims to find ways to connect 80 percent of Africa's population to the Internet and telephone services.

The Northern Cape Health Department this weekend rolled out the "Care for the Carer' programme in Langly near Kimberly.

The North West Department of Social Development will educate adult employees on issues such as career development, through the Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) programme.

"Well done team - that was good work.' There I?ve said it! But how can you tell whether I really mean it? You can?t; they are just words typed in an e-mail. The words communicate a meaning but you can?t tell my expression, my feelings or emotions. Maurice Kerrigan investigates the concept of the "e-hermit"...

We have all been conditioned by today's society to think of anger as something negative and it has, over time, become an emotion that we suppress, simply because we don't know how to deal with it. Anger is, however, one of the strongest and most powerful emotions and learning to channel it in the right direction, deliberately and constructively, will help you to transform your anger into passion.

Consciousness Coaching® is based on the fundamental belief that you have within you all the potential resources you need to achieve the things you desire. Awakening these potentials and developing them into skills and powers is one of the aims of coaching.

Blue Financial Services, the JSE AltX (Alternative Exchange)-listed financial services company, has outsourced the management and maintenance of its IT operation to Integr8 IT, South Africa?s largest privately owned national Information Technology network integration and infrastructure management specialist.

The country?s two high-profile AIDS lobby groups have agreed to work towards the establishment of a unified organisation, to represent all people living with HIV and AIDS

Ricoh, the global leader in digital office solutions announces their latest partnership with the International Business Training Association (IBTA) to present the Certified Business Professional (CBP) Business Skills Training and Certification.

Sacha Sorrell from Real Training gives their perspective on coaching.

From January 2006 up until the present, CDC and Xstrata Lydenburg Works ferrochrome plant have worked together to implement massive restructuring of all its procedures and policies, in order to create the powerful infrastructure needed to support and sustain the business' transformation goals.

In this Technological age, it is not a surprise to see how many people are currently being employed in the IT sector. The incredible rate of change, allied to the demanding and innovative environment and good salary options make this a popular career option.

Imagine travelling to exotic destinations, places in the world you have only visited in dreams; of planning a dream vacation for clients in your travel agency, or sitting enjoying a rich African sunset from the stoep of your lodge... Travel and Tourism may be your thing!

Government needs to attract and retain Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills in the public sector, by recruiting directly from university and through other initiatives.

Integr8 IT, South Africa?s largest privately owned national BEE-Information Technology network integration and infrastructure management specialist, has been identified as an official technology partner and preferred IT supplier by renowned food chain, Nandos.

The Centre for Conscious Leadership (CCL), a South African consulting organization specializing in leadership, learning and transformation, is exploring the dynamics of theatre to get its message across to its target market of individuals, teams and organizations.

Analysts warn that SA?s project management capacity is at the lowest level in our history, and one of the lowest in the world, at a time where it has it?s most ambitious infrastructural targets ever.

Employees today - especially those in ICT companies - want to form part of the idea of the business they work for. Management structures have had to adapt to a growing international trend which suggests that the idea behind a company, its image and application is what really counts.

Foster-Melliar?s Managing Director, Conn Wood has handed over the reigns to his successor, Brian Townsend, a seasoned industry expert who has been in the IT industry for close on forty years.

Ashley Berman of Brite Byte takes us through some of the offerings available from her business, as well as outlining the area of employing people with disabilities, which is an area of interest to all businesses interested in a social upliftment strategy, promoting Employment equity in their workplaces.


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