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Working environments are constantly changing with projects being done in a more collaborative manner. An increasing emphasis is now placed on enhancing communication. The following article discusses whether it is better to create collaborative projects or individual tasks.

There is no company "too small' to adopt a hosted model. No one should have to
lose customers because their technology lets them down - quality technology is as
crucial to a small company as it is to a large enterprise.

Some argue that "generation Y' will no longer relate to the type of teaching their
parents experienced. According to Kirsty Chadwick the learning of the future is going
to resemble a video game more than it will a textbook.

Job seekers and working professionals must face a fast-paced, dynamic work
environment. As technological advancements and online innovation continue to
shape the
current job market, professionals are forced to become flexible while specializing in
their niche area.

Do you and the members of your sales team possess the right qualities? Remember,
most can be learned, so perhaps it?s time to start practicing that pitch. According to
Clive Price hunger, sincerity and confidence matters in sales.

The services and responsibilities of accountants and auditors are often intertwined,
yet both fields are unique and distinct from one another. If you are considering a
profession in the auditing field, here are some things you should know.

Project management is vital in ensuring the success and completion of certain
projects. Different reasons can be attributed to the failure of projects. Below is an in
depth analysis of what could lead to the failure of projects.

Although not being a new concept, more women should be integrated into the field of welding. The amount of welders globally has been increasing, however the percentage of women in the field remains very low.

The Entrepreneurs? Organisation is a membership-based global organisation of over 8000 successful business owners. Having been launched in 2010 during the peak of the economic crisis it has grown in leaps and bounds to establish itself as the second fastest growing chapter in the world.

Is there important facts that we need to be aware of regarding organisational
change? How do we learn more about organisational change?



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